Patent Attorney

Spriegel & Associates, LLC

“I do believe you are the hardest working person in the invention world. I have tried on my own to make all the right thing happen, but it is too hard for someone to be successful without the assistance of a trained professional like yourself. You know how to make it happen. I am looking forward to closing our first deal soon, and moving on to the second. Keep up the Great Work” February 7, 2011

Jeff Berring, Technical Director, Standard Engineering Group USA
was with another company when working with Andrew at Spriegel & Associates, LLC

“Andrew is a true modern hero by being himself a true innovator, adviser and forward thinker. He has a high standard integrity which makes him easy to recommend to others. Clients can count on him to always give them an honest opinion. He does this sometimes for their benefit only at his own expense. He is a true “Motivation Therapist for the Innovative Mind”. He is just what you need to move ahead, a great Patent Attorney and much more.

“No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered with a searching but at the same time steady eye.” By Winston Churchill” January 7, 2011

Mark Eakin, Regional Sales Manager, JP Recovery Services, Inc
was with another company when working with Andrew at Spriegel & Associates, LLC

“21st century challenges can’t be successfully met with 20th century thinking. Attorney Andrew Spriegel advances 21st century thinking and raises the invention and innovation conversations to a fine art. He not only brings a powerful intelligence to the process of engineering solutions to technical challenges, but everything I’ve seen shows that he is fully able to find ways to make those solutions financially viable because of his deep understanding of the marketplace and invention commercialization. Andrew is open and honest about what he sees in any opportunity. His candor is energetic and cuts to the chase, saving valuable time and moving things forward without taking advantage of anyone…he is the embodiment of a concerned and community oriented innovator. His approach is any asset for anyone looking for innovation.” December 30, 2010

Kurt A. Minson, Chief Engagement Officer, The M Group Consultants
was with another company when working with Andrew at Spriegel & Associates, LLC

“I highly recommend Andrew Spriegel as both a patent attorney and for his skill in commercializing products. I had invented a wireless dial indicator a few years ago. I needed help in getting the product to market, so I engaged, Patent Attorney, Andrew Spriegel, who has a successful track record in commercializing products.

Andrew recommended that I sell the ten prototypes that I had made for demonstrations. We added labels to the product to improve their marketing appeal. With Andrew’s help along with JD Sanders, a marketing consultant that works with Andrew, I was able to sell all of the prototypes. Parker Hannifin, Babcock & Wilcox, and Standard Engineering Group, Logan Machine, Akron Machine Services all of Akron, Ohio and Schoeller-Bleckmann Energy Services, Graco Pump , Grumman Northrup, Kokai Machine are currently using the wireless test indicator.” December 30, 2010

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

David Hoffman,
hired Andrew as a Attorney in 2010

“detail directed ..hard working ..talented..creative.. not just a patent attorney.” September 30, 2010

JD Sanders, Marketing GURU, Davis Graphics Communications Systems
was with another company when working with Andrew at Spriegel & Associates, LLC

“Andrew is a true genius, and is too talented to describe in this brief recommendation. I had the privilege to work with Andrew on a few confidential matters, and his forward-thinking, “out-of-the-box” approach to everything from engineering solutions to handling litigation has proven to be a real inspiration to me, and to others around him.” August 31, 2010

Claude Hill, J.D., President & C.E.O., Cromwell Legal Support Services, L.L.C.
was a consultant or contractor to Andrew at Spriegel & Associates, LLC

“Andrew is one of those rare people who helps others whether it benefits himself or not. Even though we have not done business together. Andrew has constantly kept my company in mind for potential opportunities.” July 13, 2010

Greg Butler, President, Alpha-Omega Assembly & Packaging, Inc.
was with another company when working with Andrew at Spriegel & Associates, LLC

“Andrew has demonstrated his ability to deeply advise people in the areas of patent law and procedures and has a strong knowledge of how inventors work and their specific needs. Along with a broad knowledge of the consumer product business, his legal expertise allows inventors to get their most pressing questions answered in a fair and meaningful way.

Jim DeBetta – VP of Product Development for Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank” June 23, 2010

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Jim DeBetta,
hired Andrew as a Attorney in 2009

“It is a honor and pleasure to be working with Andrew. He truly brings the best of both worlds. Andrew brings real life business experience along with his legal expertise. His law firm has what it takes to get the job done. We look forward to working with him again on our other projects – Kinekt Design (” June 5, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Andy Glen Rachel _,
hired Andrew as a Attorney in 2010

“Andrew has shown exemplary talents in Patent Law and I highly recommend his abilities. Andrew knows what he is doing and can help you in many ways.” May 9, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Jim Francis,
hired Andrew as a Attorney in 2010

“Andrew is unlike any other attorney that I have ever known. His business and engineering experience allows him to provide his clients with a realistic big picture instead of just providing cookie cutter legal mumbo jumbo. In addition to his creativity and boundless energy, Andrew’s honesty and integrity is refreshing to witness. He would rather educate his clients and give them the best advice possible, even if it means less work for him. Andrew is a true innovator with whom I am proud to associate. I highly recommend him.” May 3, 2010

Paul Filon, Associate Attorney, Spriegel & Associates LLC
reported to Andrew at Spriegel & Associates, LLC

“This is Sal Mancuso
I am The Vice President of The Inventors Connection of Greater Cleveland and met Patent Attorney Andrew Spriegel at an Inventors Seminar in Hudson , Ohio in January of 2010. Andrew started an Inventors association at the Hudson Library in January of 2010 and I have attended all of the monthly meetings and am currently an active member..

Andrew seems to be knowledgeable of patents and patent law. He is people oriented with good business sense . I wish to extend my recommendations as a patent attorney and to invite everyone to the meetings.” May 2, 2010

Salvatore Mancuso, Student, Cuyahoga Community College
was with another company when working with Andrew at Spriegel & Associates, LLC

“Andrew worked with me on a computer app project to help develop my business. He was very knowledgeable and easy to comprehend. He is easy speak with and very patient in advising someone on a procedure.” April 17, 2010

was with another company when working with Andrew at Spriegel & Associates, LLC

“Andrew is extremely thorough and detailed in his work, and is very motivated to do the best job possible. He certainly brings that out of everyone he works with.” April 9, 2010

Nancy Binzel Pierce, Owner, Zeal PR, Inc.
was a consultant or contractor to Andrew at Spriegel & Associates, LLC

“Andrew is willing to share his expertise and advice in a concise and understandable manner. He clearly has a passion for his work! I can enthusiastically recommend him.” March 1, 2010

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Gail Royster,
hired Andrew as a Attorney in 2010

“Andrew has taken patent law to a new level! I have been fortunate to witness the positive results he has had with local entrepreneurs and inventors here in Hudson. Professionalism, attention to detail and innovation are their hallmarks. I recommend him highly.” February 22, 2010

Ted Olson, Partner- Ashe and Olson Financial Consulting Group VP- Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors
was with another company when working with Andrew at Moxon & Spriegel, LLC

“I worked with Andrew on exploring manufacturing partners for one of his innovative new projects. I was very impressed with Andrew’s passion for his project, his negotiation skills, and his ability think creatively. I enjoyed consulting with Andrew and wish him much future success.” February 21, 2010

Thomas Schmidt, Director, Mane Diversified Enterprises, Ltd.
was with another company when working with Andrew at Moxon & Spriegel, LLC

“Most attorneys are good at holding you back, but Andrew is unique in that he architects solutions to move his clients forward. He has the knowledge and experience to navigate the complex and ever-changing internet mine field for his clients.” February 15, 2010

Pete Radke, Founder and President, Rock Solid Technologies
was with another company when working with Andrew at Moxon & Spriegel, LLC

“Andrew’s extensive knowledge of IP practices, combined with business savvy and creative thinking, make him the ultimate ally to the business owner and entrepreneur.” January 8, 2010

Matthew D. Skillman, Owner / President, Skill Steel, LLC
was with another company when working with Andrew at Moxon & Spriegel, LLC

“Andrew Spriegel, without a doubt surpassed all of our expectations. Andrew went above and beyond for us looking out for our businesses best interest. He was highly responsive and sensitive to our needs and gave us professional advice that saved our company thousands of dollars. I would highly recommend Andrew to friends and family with confidence.” December 24, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Mary Lawlor,
hired Andrew as a Attorney in 2009

“Andrew is different from most patent attorneys due to his ability to understands the complexity of his client’s project, and present it back to his customer as an implementation pipeline. Working with a customer, Andrew will build a sequence of steps that would lead each project in the most efficient way to successful execution.
Andrew is patient, personable, reliable and objective. He delivers an excellent work at each step of the process, stays in touch with customer and provides detailed guidance through the length of the project. His out-of-the-box suggestions often lead his clients to new discoveries.
Andrew is also active in the community, promoting creativity for people of different occupations.” December 16, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

maya scherbakov,
hired Andrew as a Attorney in 2009

“Andrew is the consummate professional in Patent law but offers much more than that due to his broad business background as engineer, inventor and entrepreneur.

In addition to exceptional work product, Andrew is one of those rare individuals who enjoys helping others succeed and is willing give of himself to assist. Andrew is an exceptional communicator with a positive spirit that is contagious.” December 13, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Scott Blakley,
hired Andrew as a Attorney in 2009

“I had an idea for my business which would could potentially open up a niche market and by all indications will add a significant amount of residual income for me in a new business venture as I continue to run my Award Winning Pizza Business. My product is something that will help other business owners in my industry grow their business as well. I spoke to several patent attorneys who wanted to patent my invention. They were willing to patent my invention, but didn’t have the expertise to help me manufacture, trademark, brand and market my product. Stay tuned the product will be Officially launched in 2010 at a large trade show in Las Vegas! However, you will be able to purchase the product on a website due to be released in a few weeks.

Thanks to Andrew’s expertise with the patent, trademark, manufacturing and distribution, my invention will be sold commercially and residentially.

Like most inventors, patenting an invention isn’t difficult, just expensive. Understanding how to take the idea to the market is the challenge.

I encourage anyone with an invention to speak to patent attorneys Andrew Spriegel and George Moxon at Moxon & Spriegel, LLC ( They’re professional, knowledgeable, helpful and focused on success. Without their help a great idea wouldn’t have had a chance.

Greg Getzinger
pizzaBOGO Voted 1st Place Best Pizza in Akron/Canton Area
180 W. Streetsboro Street #7
Hudson, Ohio 44236
Office: 330-342-3333
Fax: 330-342-0233” December 13, 2009

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Greg Getzinger,
hired Andrew as a Attorney in 2009

“Andrew is a very professional, creative person who has the interest of his clients at heart. he brings knowledge, motivation, and then results. i highly recommend Andrew to anyone looking to be successful.” December 13, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Ron Ponder,
hired Andrew as a Attorney in 2009

“As an inventor and designer, I ‘ve found Andrews’ services to be essential for my progress. He’s a consummate professional, an expert in his field, and worth every penny. I’m thrilled to be working with his firm and my business outlook is brighter than ever.

Les Briggs, Les Briggs Design
Les Briggs, Les Briggs Design” December 13, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Les Briggs,
hired Andrew as a Attorney in 2009

“After a brief conversation with Andrew I surmised he is a man of integrity. His candid input was much appreciated. We are both inventors and his recommendation for marketing my patent “super-charged” me. I look forward to working with him again on future projects” July 13, 2009

Donna Friedman, Owner/Technician, DKF Computers
was with another company when working with Andrew at Spriegel & Associates, LLC

Eschweiler and Associates, LLC

“Andrew is a hardworking, diligent individual.  As a law student, I sought his advice on a number of issues. He made himself readily available, and through his dedication and support I found summer employment. I would be honored and enjoy working with Andrew in the future.” February 10, 2009

Holly Batey, Student, Case Western Reserve University School of Law

“Andrew is an extremely intelligent and energetic partner.  He sees the big picture and has outstanding creativity and imagination.  He can be remarkably supportive and offers excellent suggestions on how to improve business practices.  Andrew has numerous experiences and characteristics which make him invaluable in our joint business venture.  His expertise in business, engineering, and law are tremendous assets.  His drive to succeed and positive outlook make our business seem sure to succeed.  I highly recommend accepting any challenges or joint ventures with Andrew which are sure to provide stimulation, positive outcomes, and enjoyment for those with an opportunity to work with him.” August 17, 2008

Jeffrey Spriegel Sr., School Psychologist, Kenton School District

“Andrew and I have worked together in preparing patent applications for firm clients.  Andrew’s skills and creativity are excellent assets for the firm, and are critically important to securing the strongest available patent protection for clients.” May 14, 2008

David Stein, Patent Attorney, Eschweiler & Associates LLC

“Andrew is an innovative thinker who has a passion for developing new ideas. For entrepreneurs hoping to bring new products to market, Andrew offers insights into many aspects of new product development.  From tooling and intellectual property to trade-shows and negotiating deals, Andrew offers real-world experience and insights.” May 14, 2008

Dave Potashnik, Patent Attorney, Eschweiler and Associates

“Andrew is the ultimate professional, very dedicated to his work, and always looking to do the best for our customers and the firm.  He is a pleasure to work with and is always willing to lend a hand or his expertise.  I can’t imagine not having him on our team.” May 7, 2008

Michael Craig, Attorney, Eschweiler & Associates

“Andrew and I work at Eschweiler and Associates, LLC as Patent Professionals reporting directly to Tom Eschweiler.  We both write highly scientific patents for numerous large (Fortune 100) and small companies.  I found Andrew to be highly skilled in writing patents, patent prosecution and management.  Sensing in each other our diverse strengths, skills, experience and desire to invent, Andrew and I both formed business entities to patent and market collaborative/joint intellectual property protected products.  I have also found that Andrew collaborates with me in a synergistic & congenial manner to solve highly technical problems, yet he retains an ability to see things from a high level that permits the development of highly marketable break-through products.  Andrew has a well-defined business sense with experience in forming an IP protected consumer and industrial products business.  Having worked very closely with Andrew at E&A and in our own private enterprises, I have found Andrew to have a seemingly boundless work ethic and diligence, as well as a strong moral character and loyalty.  Most important to me; Andrew shares the love of our Lord God.  Andrew also appears to have quickly earned the respect of fellow attorneys, patent engineers, staff and Tom Eschweiler.  I would highly recommend Andrew for his patent and IP expertise at Eschweiler and Associates LLC.  I am certain that Andrew will be successful in anything he sets his hand to, and I feel honored and blessed to work with him.” April 29, 2008

Jack Parker, Electrical Patent Engineer, Eschweiler & Associates

“Andrew is a hard working nose to the grinder kind of guy. He is constantly turning in work of excellent quality and is very easy to work with.  I highly recommend Andrew.” March 5, 2009

“Andrew is diligent and professional. He works hard with an eye towards client expectations while maintaining communications necessary for building great rapport.  Clients seeking patent work from him continue to give positive remarks on the quality of his work. He continues to be an inspiration to my personal and professional life.  He is a strong leader that served on the student government in our law school.  He is someone I can count on.” April 29, 2008

Jim Reuter, Front Desk, Eschweiler & Associates LLC

“Andrew is diligent and professional. He works hard with an eye towards client expectations while maintaining communications necessary for building great rapport. Clients seeking patent work from him continue to give positive remarks on the quality of his work. He continues to be an inspiration to my personal and professional life. He is a strong leader that served on the student government in our law school. He is someone I can count on.” April 29, 2008

Britt Ashley, Patent Attorney, Eschweiler and Associates, LLC



“Whether wearing a hat as engineer or lawyer, as businessman or friend, Andrew manages to span the divide between rigor and creativity, making him a kind of 21st century Renaissance Man. Generating a seemingly endless supply of energy that is complemented by his thoroughly engaging enthusiasm, whatever the task, whatever the pursuit, you’ll be glad to have Andrew on your side.” March 8, 2009

Gene Sasso, Marketing Communications & Brand Counselor, Sasso Marketing Communications

“Andrew presents himself as a very professional person.  Whenever he is faced with an objective he meets or exceeds the specified requirements.  He also knows how to get the most out of his colleagues. I would highly recommend him for all business dealings.” February 1, 2009

Craig Spriegel, Owner, Quality Home Painting

“I am a well respected baseball swing instructor for both major and minor league baseball players with a website at  I contacted Andrew because I wanted to patent a batting tool that I invented and the overall swing training system.  Andrew is helping me not only with patent work but also trademarks and copyrights.  As it has turned out, he has been a great source of ideas for all aspects of my business including marketing and has taught me a lot about branding a product and service. He is an expert in patent law, but he also has a keen sense for making good business decisions.  With Andrew’s guidance I will be publishing a book in 2009 on baseball batting instruction which will raise my business to the next level.  I highly recommend working with Andrew.” December 17, 2008

Jaime Cevallos, MLB Hitting Instructor,, CEO of MKANX, LLC

“Andrew is exceptionally creative.  In addition, Andrew possesses the scarce qualities of a keen business mind and boundless energy to turn great ideas into revenue.” October 6, 2008

Brian Fink, Vice President, Operations, Mantaline Corporation

“Andrew is a focused, talented engineer who demonstrates an appreciation for the value of intellectual property and an uncommon ability to coordinate technical capability with business opportunity.” May 18, 2008

Joseph Dickinson, Attorney, Joseph A. Dickinson, LPA


“Andrew is creative, energetic, intelligent and conscientious.  He is an excellent business owner and manager and, I believe, will be very successful.” May 27, 2008

Dale DeMarco, CPA-Partner, DeMarco Wachter & CO



“Andrew is creative, motivated, and a man of great integrity. He uses his talents to better those around him. Very highly recommended!” October 31, 2008

Gene Ray, New Product Development Tech 3, GOJO Industries

“Andrew is a detail oriented professional who build the competencies of others around him.  He is a hard-worker, and a strong team leader.  During Andrew’s time at GOJO he impressed me with his ability to think out-of-the-box while still utilizing traditional problem solving skills to introduce new creative solutions to common problems.  His ability to use both techniques was extremely impressive.” August 14, 2008

Becky Simpson, Internet Marketing Analyst, GOJO Industries

“To whom it may concern: I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for my good friend and associate Andrew Spriegel. I started working with Andrew a few years ago at the Invacare Corporation. I was a co-op working in standard products while Andrew was one of the engineering dept. managers. I worked again with Andrew at GOJO Corporation. At both positions we worked together on product research and development as well as continuing development. Andrew’s greatest assets are not just his incredible vision in mechanical design but his unmatched ability to work with and motivate the people around him. At Invacare I was a first year co-op while Andrew was one of my managers in standard products. Andrew’s ability to motivate people and turn a collaborative effort into a single final product was amazing. The teamwork that I saw under Andrew’s supervision was definitely the best in the department. At GOJO Andrew and I worked together on several design concept projects. Five minutes of guidance from Andrew was worth hours from anyone else. Andrew is one of the few who are gifted with an incredible knowledge of mechanical design, but also carry the personality to motivate and guide. I can most definitely say working under Andrew was one of the finest privileges I have had working in engineering. Sincerely, Michael Arnett” June 24, 2008

Mike Arnett, Design Engineer, Parker Hannifin

“Andrew is a former colleague who quickly gained my respect both personally and professionally.  I would define him as an impact player who demonstrated a unique ability to identify problems and effortlessly tailor solutions.  Andrew quickly made an impact on the organization by sharing innovative tools that raised the collective abilities of our team members.  I can confidently state that Andrew will be an asset to any organization in which he has a role.” May 28, 2008

W Houghton, R&D Packaging, GOJO Industries

“Although we did not work together at GOJO, I recommended Andrew to Richard Sayers for the position of Senior New Technology & IP Engineer. I developed a good sense for Andrew’s character, work ethic and technical ability while at Invacare Corporation in which I was Director of Engineering and Andrew was a manager in my group. Andrews strong leadership skills always guided his team in meeting project and business goals with regards to timing, budget, innovation and market impact.” May 8, 2008

Shane Obitts, President, Tri-Design Inc. (Former Director of Engineering at Invacare)

“Andrew was managing several projects I was working on while I was consulting at GOJO Industries. He supplied good leadership and direction at the start and during the project.  He allowed me the freedom to explore multiple concepts and offer various solutions to meet the project goals.  During the projects he would ensure that we were meeting deadlines and cost requirements.” May 7, 2008

Roger Eberwein, Mechanical Engineer, GED Integrated Solutions, worked indirectly for Andrew at GOJO Industries

“Andrew is a top-notch, first-class professional in the IP and Patent field.  During our time working together at GOJO he was a great resource to our legal, regulatory and technology groups.  His expertise in IP and Patent law, combined with his knowledge of R&D was extremely valuable to the organization.” May 5, 2008

Timothy Cambier, Web Services and Application Development Supervisor, GOJO Industries

“Andrew was a classmate of mine at The University of Akron School of Law and also a client of mine while I was a business advisor at the Small Business Development Center when Andrew was working on his company ANDHOW INNOVATIONS, LLC. (We did not work together at GOJO) Andrew is a very detail oriented person that has a genuine enthusiasm for intellectual property. Listening to him talk about patent law and intellectual property in general demonstrated to me very early on that he would make a fine practicing lawyer in that field. I whole heartedly recommend Andrew based on my experience with him as both a business client and law school classmate. Any deal that comes across my desk requiring IP work I consult Andrew.” April 29, 2008

Than Thein, Business Advisor, Small Business Development Center

“Andrew is an innovative thinker with the ability to look beyond the status quo and see the shape of things to come. He has the knack for seeing things from a 30,000 foot view which allows him to have good insights. Andrew is a good team member for “future thinking” projects.” April 28, 2008

Christopher Gargoline, Training & Development Manager, GOJO Industries



“Andrew is a talented attorney who brings a unique mix of skills to his Intellectual Property Law practice. From his design engineering background, he knows what works. His training as a Patent Agent taught him first hand how to protect IP. As an entrepreneur, Andrew demonstrates the drive, determination and vision to see what others are missing. Uncommon to most attorneys, he is highly responsive.” January 14, 2009

Mark Gonska, Executive Vice President, Dise & Company, was a consultant to Andrew at Invacare

“Andrew Spriegel was my Engineering Manager at Invacare during my Engineering Co-Op from 2002-2003. Our engineering division at Invacare specialized in developing products such as hospital beds, bed rails, bed tables, lifts, wheel chairs, slings, shower seats, walkers, and other medical care equipment Andrew was more than just my boss; he was a mentor. Not only did Andrew teach me the fundamentals of Engineering design through fabrication, prototyping, and testing, but he also taught me problem solving, leadership, and management skills. Andrew took me from an inexperienced engineering student to a critically thinking engineer who knew how to manage his time and efforts in order to solve an engineering problem. For example, Andrew guided me through the processes of making Invacare’s bed rails FDA compliant. In addition, Andrew mentored me through the design and fabrication of a prototype hospital bed table, which we submitted for a patent. Andrew was always someone who you could go to to for advice, since he had an extensive knowledge of engineering and intellectual property laws. He was highly respected by his peers and the other Co-Ops as well. I would highly recommend Andrew as an invaluable individual for any intellectual property or engineering ventures.” October 30, 2008

Andrew Ditto, Student, The University of Akron, reported to Andrew at Invacare

“Andrew and I have worked together for many years at Invacare Corporation. As a Project Engineer, I work for three Engineering Managers. I find myself uniquely positioned to recap my impressions of Andrew’s managerial abilities. Andrew began work with Invacare as an Engineering Manager. It was his enthusiasm and hard work along with delicate people skills that immediately earned him the respect of those who worked with him. Invacare can sometimes be a difficult place of employment and Andrew was always able to keep a positive outlook on events and keep his subordinates focused on the tasks at hand. My overall view of Andrew is that he is a teaching manager. He allows his employees to learn from their mistakes but makes certain knowledge is gained. Andrew was always sure that my deadlines were to be met with the highest level of integrity and detail. I have learned a great deal from him. Andrew has intimate knowledge of the product development cycle and all the aspects involved with development of consumer, medical and industrial products. His product knowledge is superior and I have always been impressed with his one-on-one and group people skills. I have learned through my MBA trainings that this skill can be the one of the most important for business owners. Through Andrew I have seen this power at work. In conclusion, I strongly recommend Andrew as an Engineering Director. His product development experience is superior on all levels. I have no reservations recommending Andrew to the highest degree. Paul C. Gilles – BS; MBA” June 24, 2008

Paul Gilles, Engineer, Invacare Corporation, reported to Andrew at Invacare

“Andrew worked very well managing cross-functional team involved with product development at Invacare Corporation. Andrew demonstrated strong technical skills while effectively communicating across multiple levels of the organization.” June 22, 2008

Douglas Willse, Director of Operations, Invacare corporation

“I helped recruit Andrew to Invacare when I was their head of Human Resources, he has a strong background – both on the technical side and the managerial side. He was a positive addition to the leadership organization.” May 28, 2008

Tom Kroeger, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Invacare Corporation, managed Andrew indirectly at Invacare

“Andrew and I were both Engineering Managers working at Invacare. Andrew managed several mechanical project engineers, designers and co-ops. Managers are responsible for the project from concept to market introduction. Andrew utilized his staff effectively to complete many new product introductions. He guided many projects utilizing cross functional team members effectively. Managers regularly solicit support from manufacturing operations teams and corporate departments to complete a project. Andrew is highly respected for successful projects including the motorized homecare bed that is manufactured in Florida and contributes $80M annually” May 21, 2008

Robert Bly, Engineering Manager, Invacare

“Andrew is a solid project manager. He kept his team focused on delivering new product development projects on time, at the estimated cost, and with the right quality. He also demonstrated good business acumen when weighing development challenges against business needs. He was a pleasure to work with.” April 30, 2008

Dennis Snyder, Director of Operations, Elyria, Ohio, Invacare Corporation

“Andrew is an effective leader who pays attention to the details without losing scope of the big picture. He utilizes his outstanding personal and administrative skills in all situations to complete the task at hand.” April 30, 2008

Kevin Wysocki, Design Engineer, Invacare, reported to Andrew at Invacare

“In my capacity at Invacare Corporation I worked closely with Andrew for several years. I first reported directly to Andrew as a direct report and Andrew promoted me to the position of Principal Engineer wherein I reported to the Director of Engineering. As an Engineering Manager Andrew managed standard products that included homecare beds, manual and electric patient lifts, slings, over-the-bed-tables and patient seating. Andrew was the project manager for the Articulated Homecare Bed project. His technical knowledge was fundamental in promoting intellectual property for this project. The scope of the project required Andrew to manage the engineering teams in Ohio and Florida. Andrew’s problem solving skills and people skills were effectively demonstrated in meeting project time lines. This redesign of the bed has been key in its ability to maintain its top position in market share. The articulated bed generates approximately $80 million dollars per year to the business. Andrew worked full time at Invacare while attending Akron Law School. Even though Andrew was only at Invacare for two years he brought with him knowledge of how to apply intellectual property to all the products he was associated. This application of using patents to protect core products still remains at Invacare. The Homecare bed is an example of a revitalizing a 20 year old product with innovative new features and protecting them with both design and utility patents. This success was acknowledged by the team being twice nominated for the JB Richey award, the highest Invacare Award for innovation of which Andrew was a significant part. The task at hand is the business objective that needs to be met; however Andrew had a style to bring people together and promote a team environment, ensuring that the people responsible for the work received the recognition. While at the same time he brought his leadership and direction to the team. I would without any reservation recommend Andrew Spriegel. He would be a tremendous asset in any company.” April 29, 2008

Howard Loewenthal, Principal Enginner, Invacare Corporation, reported to Andrew at Invacare

“Andrew and I worked together on a challenging project involving the INV Homecare Bed. The challenge was to redesign a product line that had reached maturity and it was felt had no opportunity for change or enhancement. Through this project Andrew managed two teams across multiple lines of reporting responsibility. He managed to keep this team on time, on cost target and worked through the challenging personnel issues that plagued our project. The end result was a successful introduction of a product line that set a new performance standard in the industry, and still leads the market today. It dominates in a $120 million dollar market and no competitive product has yet challenged the features and functions of this product line. Andrew was a key in launching this project successfully, utilizing his organizational and communication skills to keep the teams in line, focused and on target.” April 28, 2008

Dale Nash, Director of Marketing & Product Development, DME Division, Invacare Corporation

“Andrew’s work is always very professional and logical. Andrew was always available to help with manufacturing production issues.” April 28, 2008

David Ashby, Manufacturing Engineer, Invacare Corporation



“Andrew has been one of the most professional and objective engineers I have had the pleasure of working with. In what was a very high pressure Joint Venture start-up working environment, he helped us develop our designs to meet specification while remaining practical and realistic in balancing requirements with commercial pressures and delivery capabilities.” June 23, 2008

Terry Robinson, Engineering Manager, Lubrizol Performace Systems Ltd.

“Of course, I recommend Andrew. He is a solid person with high standards. He worked as Senior Mechanical Engineer for a project that I was the Marketing and Program Manager. Getting it right the first time and keeping it on schedule was exceeded every time. Feel free to contact me for more information.” May 12, 2008

Todd Cronin, Strategic Product Marketing Manager, General Electric

“Andrew and I worked together at GE Lubrizol from 2000 to 2002. He always conducted himself with great professionalism. His engineering work was meticulous and inspired. He clearly understood the company goals and worked expertly and untiringly to achieve those goals. He did whatever was requested to meet deadlines, and would help junior engineers whenever they needed guidance. Andrew managed several New Product Introduction projects for high profile customers such as Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. He helped me and several others learn how to apply Six Sigma tools, and to study for certification tests on internal GE processes. He always went beyond the norm to help team members with both job related and personal issues. He was a pleasure to work with and remains a valued friend.” May 10, 2008

Michael Fitzpatrick, Field Service Engineer, GE Lubrizol



“I have known Andrew for over 10 years since he was my mentor at GE Transportation Systems.  I have experience with many impressive people – high level political and military leaders, managers of all levels – while working in a wide range of organizations, from large to small companies and almost 10 years in the Air Force – both enlisted and as an officer and a pilot traveling the globe. Of all the people I have met in my career and world travels, Andrew has always stood out as one of the most amazing people I have had the privilege of meeting and working with. I knew soon after working with him, that he was then and would continue to be incredibly successful wherever he went, and eventually with his own business(es). He is absolutely one of the smartest, hardest working, most impressive persons I have ever met. His contagious positive attitude and character is highly encouraging. Andrew is an inspiring leader, naturally bringing out the best in everyone around him and motivating you to excel – while constructively and professionally improving you like few people can. I learned a tremendous amount from Andrew while at GE. He never ceases to amaze me by the number, scope, and speed of things he is accomplishing at any given time – and he does them to the highest degree of excellence. I have not figured out how he is able to accomplish so much, so efficiently and effectively and make it look so easy – that is what makes Andrew such an incredible person. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone who wants a successful venture. He is a great person that possesses the rarest combination of exceptionally diverse and well rounded skills that make him one of the first people I call on. I am very fortunate to have Andrew as a friend and colleague and am hoping to fly his personal Gulfstream G5 some day in the future.” February 17, 2009

Mike Saab, Associate Engineer – Quality, Design, Analytical Engineering, GE Transportation Systems

“Andrew provided great coaching and developmental skills while working at GE together by taking time to explain details encompassing virtually any subject. His thinking was always many steps ahead of his peers in the decision making process which explains why his technical knowhow, personal interaction and mentoring was some of the best I have received.” January 13, 2009

Matthew McCoy, Engineer, GE Transportation Systems, worked indirectly for Andrew at GE Transportation



“Andrew was always well prepared to support testing on Satellite operations. He was always knowledgeable, detail oriented and completed job preparation and completion on schedule. He was always willing to take the time to answer all questions and explain job details to ensure everyone involved with the task understood all aspects of the job.” May 5, 2008

Peter Eikemeyer, Senior Mechanical Technician, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company



“I have known Andrew Spriegel for over 20 years and consider him a close personal friend. We worked together at General Electric Aerospace in Valley Forge Pennsylvania, which later became Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space. Andrew was a well respected Senior Lead Engineer at General Electric and was chosen to work on numerous high profile satellites and programs including the Global Geospace Science Mission (GGS: A NASA Program), the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS: A NASA Program), the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP: An Air Force Program) and the International Space Station. Andrew has excellent technical and communications skills, a calm demeanor, and worked hard to solve problems objectively. He has always paid attention to detail and is extremely organized. He was recruited away from GE to join Kensey Nash Corporation where he worked as a Senior Research and Development Engineer. He was a co-inventor and Lead Project Engineer on the Dynamic Clip, a patented laparoscopic surgery device that he was instrumental designing, testing and having approved by the FDA. I also worked with Andrew at Kensey Nash Corporation in Exton Pennsylvania where he excelled. Andrew has always been and will continue to be an asset at any business he is associated with and I am proud to have him as a friend and colleague.” April 30, 2008

Paul Petrilla, Electrical Engineer, General Electric

“Andrew is very dedicated and has a real passion for what he does. He led many new product introduction programs while employed at GE. He was responsible for many projects and was able to efficiently manage schedule and meet milestones on each project. He is also very personable and easy to work with.” April 28, 2008

Jeff Sims, Lead Project Engineer, GE Transportation



“I traversed the world of law school with Andrew and always found him to be a thoughtful classmate who was always well prepared and provided positive insight to any discussion. He was also incredibly supportive to all those around him. I expect him to succeed in all his endeavors.” January 13, 2009

Eric Crescimano, General Counsel and Human Resources Manager, Lexi-Comp, Inc.

“Andrew is a self-starter, goal-oriented, big thinker. In law school he brought a real world practicality to the legal theory in the classroom, and won the admiration of his colleagues becoming the president for his class. I also know Andrew as a patent attorney, and he has an understanding of intellectual property that is guided by his experience as an engineer and continuing tinkerer and inventor.” January 6, 2009

Maria Hill, Associate at Squires Sanders

“Andrew is an insightful and dedicated person with a friendly and accommodating manner. In class, he was never unprepared for lectures and often would show an interest in the material that went beyond the base requirements of the class. Andrew often set the standard for success in any class, both in terms of academics and professionalism.” January 6, 2009

Andrew Diroll-Black, University of Akron School of Law

“I attended the University of Akron School of Law with Andrew for 4 years. Andrew is a very hard worker and self-motivated individual. He will be successful at whatever projects or goals he undertakes. I highly recommend Andrew’s work in every and any capacity.” December 29, 2008

Stephen Grachanin, University of Akron School of Law

“Andrew always had a passion for learning that made it easy to see he would be successful is whatever endeavor he decided to pursue. He is dedicated and works hard towards his goals.” December 24, 2008

Bradley Dunn, University of Akron School of Law

“Andrew is a very hard worker. He brings an excellent mix of enthusiasm, energy and a quest for knowledge to any situation. He is one of the most optimistic people I know. He gives his all to everything he does.” December 17, 2008

Sandra Davenport, Knowledge Management Manager/Legal Counsel Liaison, Saint-Gobain

“Andrew is a natural leader and during the years that I have known him, he has consistently demonstrated the traits found in a leader; professional, organized, confident and aware of his impact on others. In addition, Andrew always expressed concern for his colleagues and those he associated with in such a way to ensure that the interest of those he led were put first. I consider Andrew a friend and someone I can learn from.” November 18, 2008

Scott Duko, University of Akron School of Law

“Andrew has to be one of the strongest people I know. He supports others through his optimism and ability to see the positive aspects of any challenge. In law school, his constant support was a welcome and needed buffer to the challenges of the education. I have seen Andrew excel through his legal education and career and through his developing of new ideas and patents. A professional in his field, he knows how to communicate criticism in a complimentary fashion, inspiring others to improve and grow. I would highly recommend Andrew.” October 27, 2008

Daniel Bache, University of Akron School of Law

“Andrew was my fellow student at The University of Akron School of Law, and a member of my study group. Andrew was a diligent and hard-working student. In study group, he was always prepared to play “devil’s advocate” — reminding the group to look at all angles of a legal principle or problem. I know Andrew has carried over his hard work and diligence into his professional career. I strongly recommend Andrew.” October 27, 2008

Lynne Earhart, University of Akron School of Law

“Over the 5 years that I have known Andrew, he has proven to be an thoughtful and thorough thinker. He assesses problems carefully, settles on an appropriate solution, and executes that solution effectively.” October 22, 2008

Don Ferfolia, University of Akron School of Law

“Andrew has a great balance of intelligence and character. During discussions, Andrew always listens to others’ points of view before commenting. He has the ability to think critically and communicate his thoughts in a compelling and meaningful manner. Andrew takes a professional attitude towards school and business, yet has the ability to relax and socialize at the appropriate times.” October 2, 2008

George L. Poulos, Attorney, Robert J. Rischitelli Ltd.

“I knew Andrew as a student at the University of Akron School of Law. He is an intelligent individual and an entrepreneur, forming a business based on one of his own inventions. He is typically well-prepared and knowledgeable in classes and in practice; an easy recommendation.” September 19, 2008

Matt Clapper, University of Akron School of Law


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