Improve Buyer Response with Better Brands and Trademarks

By Andrew R. Spriegel November 21, 2009

Almost everyone knows valuable brands and trademarks like: Nike, Pepsi, Xerox, Kodak and others.  The companies that own those brands spent millions or billions building value and “customer good will” into those brands/marks.

Listed below are a few of the top trademarks in 2006. You may be asking yourself how can you obtain name exposure if you are a start-up or have limited resources. Hopefully this story will both entertain you and help you to understand that with creative marketing you can grow your brand and business presence very quickly.

I took a Trademark class from Professor Jeff Samuels at Akron Law. Professor Samuels served as the assistant commissioner of patents and trademarks of the United States Patent and Trademark Office from November 1987 to January 1993. During one class Professor Samuels handed out an article on “Mr. Happy Crack”, yes that’s correct “Mr. Happy Crack”.

In late 2001, Mr. Kodner and son Bob Kodner were in the basement foundation repair business in St. Louis. The company was already named, Crack Team USA Inc., when Bob approached his dad about a new marketing campaign. His father was not all that enamored with his son’s idea of a cartoon like “cement block man” and the phrase or tag line “A Dry Crack is a Happy Crack!” Un-relented by his father’s reaction, Bob had 34 buses in St. Louis outfitted with signage showing a logo (Mr. Happy Crack) and the tag line “A Dry Crack is a Happy Crack!”.

The phones started ringing with requests for t-shirts and hats and those requests continue today. The Crack Team sells T-shirts, boxer shorts, bobble head dolls, women’s underwear, baby clothes and golf balls branded with the logo. The Mr. Happy Crack mascot spreads the company message at all sorts of events. The company now posts revenues in the millions and is now a large franchise business. Take time and think about how you can create a brand and tag line that can grow you business almost overnight.


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