Patent Work

Here is a partial list of companies/universities that Andrew Spriegel has prepared and prosecuted patents for:





AMD (Advanced Micro-Devices),  ANDHOW INNOVATIONS, LLC,  ANOVA INNOVATIONS, LLC,  Axcelis Corporation,  Case Western Reserve University, Eaton Corporation,  Infineon,  Microsoft Corporation,  MKANX, LLC,  Spansion


Mr. Spriegel has prepared and prosecuted patents in the following areas:

Baseball Business Method Patents,  Business Methods,  Device Physics, Electromechanical Devices,  Games,  Imaging Technologies,  Manufacturing Processes,  Nanotechnology,  Semi-conductors,  Software,  Sports,  Toys and Mechanical Devices


Andrew Spriegel is named an inventor or co-inventor on provisional published and/or issued patents for the following companies:

ANDHOW INNOVATIONS, LLC,  ANOVA INNOVATIONS, LLC,  GE – Lubrizol,  General Electric Transportation Systems,  GOJO Industries Inc.,  Invacare Corporation,  Kensey Nash Corporation,  MKANX, LLC


Here is a list of Companies that Andrew Spriegel has worked for in high level Engineering or Management Positions:

GE AstroSpace,  GE Transportation Systems,  GE-Lubrizol,  Martin Marietta ,  Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space,  Invacare,  GOJO Industries,  Kensey Nash Corporation  and IBM.


Andrew Spriegel has worked on designs and projects involving the following products:

Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (USAF),  General Electric Locomotives,  Global Geospace Science Mission (NASA),  International Satellites,  International Space Station,  Laparoscopic Surgical Devices,  Medical Equipment,  NASA Satellites,  Off Highway Vehicles (Mining),  US Space Shuttle (High School GAS Project),  Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite and US Air Force Satellites.





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