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The worst voice of the brand *is* the brand by Seth Godin

The worst voice of the brand *is* the brand
By Seth Godin
April 3, 2011

We either ignore your brand or we judge it, usually with too little information. And when we judge it, we judge it based on the actions of the loudest, meanest, most selfish member of your tribe.

When a zealot advocates violence, outsiders see all members of his tribe as advocates of violence.

When a doctor rips off Medicare, all doctors are seen as less trustworthy.

When a fundamentalist advocates destruction of outsiders, all members of that organization are seen as intolerant.

When a soldier commits freelance violence, all citizens of his nation are seen as violent.

When a car rental franchise rips off a customer, all outlets of the franchise suffer.

Seems obvious, no? I wonder, then, why loyal and earnest members of the tribe hesitate to discipline, ostracize or expel the negative outliers.

“You’re hurting us, this is wrong, we are expelling you.”

What do you stand for?

Reprinted with permission from the author


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10 Tips to Attract New Readers to Your Blog

By Suzanne Vara on April 5, 2010 Under General

(Andrew Spriegel) I am going to put Suzanne’s article to the test!  I am going to start out with No. 3 forums.  I don’t know a lot about forums so I am going to Google “forums” and add some random thoughts.  I searched Invention Forums and finally arrived on page 4 at


Here is my second forum post which is a repeat of the first post:

Blogging is a means of putting down your thoughts and ideas for others to read and take some sort of action. The reasons behind blogging are not really what matters much unless it is a chore or the feeling like you would rather go to the dentist and have four teeth pulled than write an article. What really matters is that you know why you are there, writing some really good content that drives people to do something, a call to action.

(Andrew Spriegel 06-25-10)  Great article about the “call to action” by By Mikkel Juhl On March 31, 2010 at  So here is my call to action:

Invention Entreprenuers is a group that helps businesses and inventors by answering their questions and offering suggestions.  The link to the group is*2_*2_*2_ltod_requests.  A great thing about the group is that advertising or self promotion isn’t allowed and the group is focused on offering very useful advice for people to be more successful!  If this call to action works I should see more requests to join the group.  (Right now it has 1,945 members at 7:24 pm on June 25, 2010).  I have to say so far that Suzanne’s advice is really good.

(Andrew Spriegel, 06-25-10) I received a comment which I appreciated from Mark Stevens “

“Excellent post, will bookmark as permanent favourite”

Typically in my hectic life I run through the day and fail to slow down, so based on Suzanne Vara’s article I clicked on Mark Stevens’ name and found out he is a really cool architect with a great blog: 

So I decided to “subscribe” to his blog and hit the subscribe button and up popped:

I didn’t know what to do with the screen and what to select, hopefully someone can explain to me what subscribe does and bookmark and RSS?

New bloggers struggle to get readership as much as intermediate or even long standing bloggers. Growth is a big part of your blog as lead generation and finding new people to do something not only pays the bills, it also intensifies your passion for blogging. I know that there are those out there that believe that they would have the same passion for blogging if they were not making a dime or of they were making millions. Ok, I trust you but if the readership is down, sales are down – ultimately the blog goes down. It is a cycle that we do not like to think about but encompassed in passion is drive and when there is no drive, the passion is lost and the preverbal wall is hit and little by little the blog articles decrease until one day you realize it has been a month and nothing has been posted.

Bloggers alike will agree that growing your blog never stops. Sure, you may be happy with your 200 or even 2000 or so readers each day as you have probably connected with each one of them in one way or another and built an online community around your blog. But what if you could reach 25 or 50 new readers each day and you can interact with them and then their friends and their friends. If you are a follow the numbers person this is music to your ears as watching the traffic numbers increase is really something pretty to look at. How do you grow your blog, isn’t just writing great content and pushing it out to your regulars enough?

10 Tips to Attract New Readers to Your Blog

1. Social Networking Sites

The ones that come to mind are Twitter and Facebook. You are more than likely already doing this. What about LinkedIn and industry niche platforms? LinkedIn is for job seekers right? Think again. It is a business platform where you connect and share information with others in groups and by answering questions. People will buy from people they know – and read blogs of people they know.

(Andrew Spriegel)  I have the maximum number of “friends” on Facebook and I interact with friends and occasionally post some business related information.  I also get a chance to see what my four children (Kate, Matt, Megan and Emily) are doing during the day.  Sometimes I would have prefered not to see what they are doing.  I like connecting with my friends, all the way back to the neighborhood I grew up.  I like meeting new people and seeing what my friends are doing now.



(Andrew Spriegel) I am on Twitter but I am not sure I get it.  I see a lot of posts about making money on the web and creating a following.  I wish that I could filter out the advertisers.  Still trying to figure out Twitter and how it works.

2. Webinars

Webinars that you tune into live almost always have a hashtag to follow on Twitter. You are exposed to others who share your interest of the webinar subject and can connect with new people by sharing thoughts about the webinar on Twitter. Connecting with people is exposing yourself to them and building a relationship.

3. Forums

Oh how I love Forums. American Express Open Forum, Third Tribe Marketing, LinkedIn Groups. Forums pack the most punch when it comes to meeting, engaging and helping others. Talking with people and helping them solve a problem is not only exposing your knowledge, willingness to help another but having your signature line have your company name, blog link and possibly an email address, is that inviting subtleness that lets them know that you have a blog and also that you are open to receive communication outside the forum.

4. Monitor Trends

Monitoring trends and getting your article up before everyone else is no easy task however, if you are on top of what is going on and keep a close eye the just when the trend starts or right after it peaks, you can get great exposure to the article and your blog. Follow Twitter trends directly from your twitter page or a freehandly tool is Trendistic. Remember, Google loves new, fresh content.

5. Read and Comment on Blogs

This is not just the a-listers. Find up and comers and read and and comment. They will be very appreciative and return the favor. They will relate to you well as you share a common thread – both up and comers and searching for ways to get new traffic. Friends read friends.

6. Read Other Commenter Blogs

Ever see the same person over and over commenting on a blog but you never really paid much mind to see if they have a blog? Find it! If they are loyal to the blog that you both are reading and commenting on, they very possibly will be loyal to those that read and comment on theirs.

7. Exceptional Content

Do you homework and write great content … content that targets keywords and also asks people do do something. The content can be the best in the world however if no -one is reading it then it is pointless especially if it does not drive it back to providing value for your business. Yes, it’s about the readers but giving them the information and them clicking off to go on to somewhere else is not providing any value to your business. Value is determined by your business strategy and what you want out of it. Are you solely looking to build your online community? Are you looking to attract new customers, new people to comment on the blog? Determine why you are blogging and then write with that in mind.

8. Interests

You have other other interests outside of work right? Well, so does everyone else. You never know who may meet that could become a customer from a shared love of futbol. It is always very easy to find fans of teams that we love and come together as one but yet when it comes to business, it seems as if we lose our ability to connect easily and freely.

9. Local Community

There is a world on the other side of the computer that is waiting for you to emerge. Going to meet-ups, networking events, sporting events is another way to meet new people and get exposure to your blog. People will be curious to see what this blog is all about especially if they are a blogger. Competition is high to see if your blog matches up to theirs.

10. Article Marketing

Ezines, GoArticles are two very popular sites that you post your articles to with the understanding that the articles may be and most likely will be republished. The articles are required to be republished “as is” with your bio paragraph as well copyright information.

There are many ways to grow your blog and increase readership. These have proven to be effective for me. The best advice to grow your blog is to first to identify why you want to grow your readership. While this may seem like it is obvious to increase sales or get new clients, the articles are not always written with this in mind. An article that is a list of how to or ways, etc. needs to have enough usable information for the reader to go and put it into motion. If it works for them, they become a loyalist. An article with an affiliate link needs to entice the reader enough that they have to click the link. Growing your blog is a long term strategy as it involves time and a whole lot of commitment. People want to connect with the author and learn more about them and know that they really care about their readers by interacting with them. We know that people love to share any mentions of themselves and who they are friends with. Be that person.

What have you done to grow your blog? What has worked and not worked for you?

Suzanne is the founder of, an advertising and social media marketing agency for small businesses and publisher of a blog that provides advertising and marketing tips.


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BZTAT is where it’s at!

Artist Vicki Boatright, known as “BZTAT” (pronounced bee-zee-tat), specializes in whimsical drawings, paintings and prints of cats, dogs and other companion animals.

Click here to buy/view BZTAT Art

BZTAT creates colorful customized pet portraits, which are unique in their original contemporary style.

BZTAT also creates murals and other artworks that address social issues, community development, and cultural diversity.

Click here to buy/view BZTAT Art

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Frank Fleischer, 80 Years Young this Year and Still Inventing!

Interview with Frank Fleischer (79 year young inventor)

February 28, 2010

Interviewer:  What are you up to these days, at almost 80 years young you must be kicking back and relaxing?
Frank: Hardly, I currently am the president of the Canton Inventor’s Association which I founded about 15 years ago.  I recently invented a health care product to help realign people’s hips while sleeping.  The product is being brought to market and is selling for example in nursing homes, drug stores, chiropractic offices, doctor’s offices, and other locations.  At 79, I am sure that I am one of the “oldest new start-up” businesses in the country.

Interviewer:  What is the patent pending product called?
Frank: “Nee-Z-eeZtm” which stands for “Knees Ease”. 

Interviewer:  How does the “Nee-Z-eeZtm” work?
Frank: Well unlike a pillow that moves when a person sleeps, the “Nee-Z-eeZtm” always rests properly in place because of the adjustable strap.   We received an endorsement from a woman the other day that said with the “Nee-Z-eeZtm” she slept through the night for the first time in years.  She has tremendous hip pain and she always slept with a pillow between her legs.  When the pillow shifted during sleep she was always awakened by the pain.  With the “Nee-Z-eeZtm” the device didn’t shift so she is now able to sleep through the night.

Interviewer: What has been different in the case of this invention?
Frank: My partner Andrew Spriegel has a lot of experience in commercializing products.  He has helped out quite a bit in the process.  In addition, he owns his own law firm, Spriegel & Associates, LLC ( Patent & Trademark Attorneys.

Interviewer:  Who manufactures the Nee-Z-eeZ?
Frank: Goodwill Industries in Akron, Ohio

Interviewer:  Tell me about Goodwill Industries of Akron, Ohio
Frank:  They do a great job for us (Invoflo, LLC) and other companies and like other industries they have to meet ISO quality standards.

Interviewer:  What other companies does Goodwill do work with?
Frank:  They do packaging work on the Purell product for GOJO Industries, the do work for Dell Computers and many other large companies.

Interviewer:  Do you have other inventions?
Frank: Yes, I invented a dog related product years ago with my wife, Barb.

Interviewer:  How long have you been married?
Frank: 50+ years

Interviewer:  What is your background in business?
Frank:   My Brother and I owned and managed Fleischer Shoe Company, a family business which was started in 1920 by my Dad.  The chain of stores was full family shoe stores specializing in orthopedic and functional footwear.  My brother and built the business into one of the largest family owned shoe store chains in the United States.  Mr. We also owned the Fleischer advertising agency doing advertising and promotions for our shoe chain, other merchants, and some of our shoe manufacturers. 

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Restaurateur finds even-sliced pizza profitable

Greg Getzinger fancied himself in a David and Goliath situation as the owner of a small pizzeria in Akron, Ohio, surrounded by pizza giants like Donato’s and Papa John’s. But Getzinger was able to defend his sales with a brilliant idea: position himself in schools. “It’s been my experience that it’s the children who tell the parents where to buy pizza,” he said.

He started supplying pizza to a local private school and a weekly pizza lunch program. The school wanted to sell Getzinger’s 14-inch pizza by the slice, so employees divided the pizza into fourths. The school’s concession stand, which he also supplied, made the same pizza into six slices.

But a problem arose. The foodservice director reported that the students complained of unequal-sized slices. Then he found that many schools won’t even let operators bid on supplying pizza if their slices aren’t equal.

Getzinger searched for a flexible tool that would help him portion out his slices and found an opportunity to be the first to market such a product.

He came up with the Portion PadL, sort of like a pizza stone made out of NSF-approved Richlite. The platform has pre-portioned slices to cut along, plus several rings of sizes. Getzinger said the Portion PadL is custom designed to clients’ pizza sizes and shapes, and can be designed for sheet pizzas as well. Getzinger said he’s made a name for himself with the product.

“I started increasing my commercial sales and became known as the pizza shop that could help schools, churches and private businesses develop a successful pizza-by-the-slice fundraiser program,” he said.

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Successful Businesswoman/Realtor and Civic Leader Encourages Kids to Make a Difference!

Are you making a difference in the lives of Children? 

by Andrew Spriegel

Gail Royster is a “Woman Making a Difference” in Hudson, Ohio since she launched “Kids Making a Difference program”.  Not only is Gail an outstanding Realtor she is an outstanding Civic Leader. Rotary Club of Hudson (Brd. member/Program chair), International Referral Network (Brd. member/Program chair, former Pres.), Hudson Heritage Assn., Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce (former Pres.), Laurel Lake Retirement Community (former Vice Chair/Brd. member), Actors Summit Theater (former Pres.), Case-Barlow Farm Foundation (co-founder/former Brd. member).

Established in 2001 by Gail Royster, Broker/Owner of Royster Realty, “Hudson’s Hometown Broker”,  the Kids Making a Difference program has been a staple in the Hudson Local Schools and the Hudson Hub-Times, both of which entities help make this program a success.

The concept is simple:  put the spotlight on kids who are making a difference in their classroom by giving back in a consistent, noteworthy manner.  These kids are not necessarily the star academic pupils, musicians or athletes, but rather kids who are being helpful in a meaningful way to their classmates and teachers, and who may otherwise go unnoticed.

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Couple Ventured Out On Their Own to Help People Like You and Your Business Succeed and Create Wealth is a “go to” Website Development Team for You and Your Business.

by Andrew R. Spriegel, Patent, Trademark and Copyright Attorney at Moxon & Spriegel, LLC at

Think about the value of a GREAT website, it is the “salesman/saleswomen” for your business 24/7, it represents YOU, it never has a bad day, no medical coverage necessary, it gives a consistent message, no travel expenses as it travels all over the world, it cannot get sick, it becomes more and more valuable over time, it never talks back, it keeps track of who and how often people visit your site… How much would you have to pay a sales team to provide a small portion of the services that you get from a website?  Yet so many businesses have an under achieving sales team and yet either no website or worse, a badly designed website. 

Think about the disadvantages of no website or a BAD website.  Customers question whether you are even in business without a site, they wonder about the quality of your work, it can hurt you 24/7 if it is done poorly… Mary & Ritch Lawlor at Halo Creatives ( are on a mission and their mission is to help you build your business and drive sales.  They recently created a website for Tim Taylor (an inventor) and me at The site is awesome and it has the edginess that we were looking for and they complete the site on time and a very affordable price.

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