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Why Would You Want to Introduce a Second Language to Your Young Child?

October 8, 2010

Beth Butler is the founder of The Boca Beth Program,a fun and easy way to introduce Spanish to young children. Gather your children around the computer now and enjoy the bilingual music and movies for FREE at Order online or via their toll free number 1.877.825.2622.

There seems to be a general tone among parents today when it comes to the topic of helping their child learn a second language, particularly English-speaking parents of young children. Just this morning, in our local Starbucks, a mom approached me after seeing the magnetic signs on my car that tout my business and its benefits. She asked me if I also taught adults Spanish, to which I quickly and definitively replied with a negative, a no. Her feeling was that she had to know the language before bringing it into her child’s world.

This mom, like so many other savvy parents, felt she better find a program that will get her fluent in the new language first. This feeling, this tone is such a misconception as recently addressed in a terrific book written by two moms who are also PhDs in linguistics. In their book titled The Bilingual Edge, Dr. King and Dr. Mackey clearly state that a parent does not have to be fluent in nor have command of the second language in order to bring it into their home on a daily and regular basis. As long as there is interaction between parent and child using tools that bring the new language into their lives then the bilingual journey can take place.

Experts agree that daily and regular interaction with the new language is crucial to achieving bilingual fluency. There is a huge debate about the length of time it takes a person to become truly bilingual. The point here is not to debate the length of time necessary to be deemed wholly bilingual. The younger, the better is the agreement between experts, research teams and educators. Today’s parents should heed their advice and get the language learning going as early as possible in their children’s lives.

The very board that administers the SAT, the College Board, has continually reported that the length of foreign language study is an important variable in predicting students’ SAT performance. What does this mean? The seniors who had four or more years of language study scored, on average, 50 points higher in the Critical Reading section of the SAT than those seniors who had only a half year or less of foreign language.

Year after year the statistical reports that provide information about SAT performance across the United States show clear evidence that link together foreign language study and increased standardized test scores. Many parents, who are faced with toddler tantrums and preschool age adventures, don’t often think this far into their child’s future. College entrance exams seem a lifetime away. Truth be told, the choices they make today in their child’s development, both socially and educationally, will help determine and drive their successes later in life. Gaining skills in a second language early in life will assist your child in learning his own language more quickly and often times lead to early reading skills that are not noted in monolingual children.

Dr. Ellen Bialystok, PhD out of York University has shared definitive research showing that children who receive instruction in two languages score twice as high on language tests than their monolingual peers. These bilingual children also read sooner and demonstrated advanced problem solving capabilities. This same woman and her research team out of the Rotman Research Institute just reported in January 2007 that bilingualism can help delay the onset of dementia by four years. Again, something most parents are not focusing on when they are still changing diapers and choosing preschools, but something worth noting.

Maintaining an English-only mentality is no longer a choice. The choice now is when should I as a parent begin the second language introduction and why. The reasons are clear, and your child will benefit greatly from you making the choice to begin the journey to bilingualism today in your family.



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Self Publishing is a Great Way to Promote your Business and Services

Self Publishing is a Great Way to Promote your Business and Services
by Andrew R. Spriegel
Patent Attorney
Spriegel & Associates, LLC
Patent and Trademark Attorneys

Self publishing a book has become easier and more profitable and a great way to brand yourself.

The Spilled Coffee Chronicles is a series of volumes that document real world examples of an actual invention or business. This series (the Equal Slice Cutting Board) is made up of numerous volumes.  The Equal Slice Cutting Board ( series is the factual story and the actual experience of an inventor Greg Getzinger and me as we worked together to move an invention from an idea to a successful, commercialized product.  The Product is exceeding all sales expectations with Domino’s Pizza, Schwan’s Foods, Piccadilly Circus Pizza, Speedway and many others.

The Spilled Coffee Chronicles of Invention™ is a series of volumes about any invention, created and owned by Andrew R. Spriegel.  Each series of volumes documents the actual ideas, creation, production and marketing of a single invention.  The SCCI documents both the
successes and failures along the path.  Inventing the Pizza Cutting Board (the Portion PadL™) examines one invention with multiple volumes that concentrate on one or more aspects of the process. Volume One, The Inventors, takes a look at what it takes to be
an inventor and helps you to commercialize your idea or product if you move forward.

Books available in both electronic and paperback versions:

Paperback book on Amazon $14.99


Electronic book on Kindle $4.95

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It was a very bad year that strengthened her faith and grew her business!

Posted by Charisse Louis on January 28th, 2010
ChaRene Graphic Design

At the end of 2008, I discovered my parents neighbor had filed a lawsuit against them for cutting down a tree they believed was theirs to cut. Before I realized the seriousness of the charges, I attempted to talk with these neighbors on behalf of my mom and dad. The door was slammed in my face and so began my nightmare. The stress from the lawsuit was too much for my dad and less than a week before the trial, my mom found him dead from a massive heart attack. During the next few weeks, my mom suffered from horrible migraines that I attributed to the stress of both events. Almost a month to the date that my dad passed away, I found my mom unresponsive from a stroke.

Two brain surgeries and months of rehabilitation later, my mom survived! I was told point blank by her surgeon that it was a real miracle she was alive and functioning. Many other strange events occurred during these few months and I was beginning to feel cursed. But amazingly, as the sole care giver to my mom, I was able to grow my business significantly during the worst economic downturn since the great depression. I believe it was my faith that sustained me, kept me going, working and carried me through this intense personal trial. My desire, through this condensed version of my story, is to give others the hope and faith that what may seem impossible truly is possible.

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Three Twenty Something’s are making their mark, Geared up for SUCCESS

Introducing the Gear Ring by Kinekt Design

Kinekt Design (pronounced “Connect”) brings forward-thinking design objects and products that fuse together a modern aesthetic with tangible interaction.

New York, New York, February 05, 2010 – Kinekt Design LLC, announced its first product launch – the Gear Ring.  The ring is crafted from the highest grade alloy of jewelry stainless steel to ensure the function and precision of all the components.  It embodies the company’s vision of playful yet refined design.

A few companies are taking notice:


The company has been working on developing the Gear Ring for over a year and this is their first rotating/spinning piece.  A product designed for men and women, the ring is elegant yet striking, with comfort styling and smooth movement at a great price of $165. The price includes FREE world wide shipping comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and can be purchased online.  A video can be seen below or on the company website ( which shows how the Gear Ring works.

Kinekt Design creator, Glen Liberman, was always fascinated and inspired by small mechanisms and their movements. With this interest, the concept was envisioned for the Gear Ring, a product “complex enough to play with, yet simple enough to wear:”

Interview with the three owners: Andy Patel, Glen Liberman and Rachel Liberman

Question: How did the three of you start working together?

Answer: Well, Glen and Rachel started working together first.  Rachel and Glen have launched projects/products together as well working independently.  When Rachel met Andy and learned he had a strong business and finance background as well as an entrepreneurial passion it made more and more sense for all three of us to start working together.  Our first business together is Kinekt Design LLC.

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When We Needed a Great Professional Photographer We Turned to Andrew Jordan of Hudson, Ohio!

 When We Needed a Great Photographer to Spotlight Up and Coming ARTIST Bill Roddy We Turned to Andrew Jordan of Hudson Ohio! 
grooms are people too™


ARTIST Bill Roddy
The Flight of Paint Through Balance, Motion and Joy™

By Andrew R. Spriegel

Up and coming artist Rowdy Bill Roddy from Hudson, Ohio is gaining national prominence as an artist.  He has performed at over 50 venues and he is taking his talent to the next level. 

Based upon my work with inventors, artists and writers they often come up with great products and yet they photograph their work or themselves with point and shoot cameras.  They skimp on one of , if not the most important elements required to market a product…professional photography.

Our “product” in this case is Bill Roddy and we sought out a great photographer finding Andrew Jordan of Andrew Jordan Photography of Hudson , Ohio.  Andrew is know by his tagline “grooms are people tootm.”  Andrew is a great photographer that photographs weddings, individuals, products, all over the country and internationally.  I was impressed that numerous clients pay for his travel expenses and accommodations to photograph them in far off countries, Turkey, however when you see his work it is no surprise.   Andrew Jordan is a WPJA award winning wedding photojournalist from Ohio.  Here are a few of his photographs and I am sure you will agree they are outstanding.

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Couple Ventured Out On Their Own to Help People Like You and Your Business Succeed and Create Wealth is a “go to” Website Development Team for You and Your Business.

by Andrew R. Spriegel, Patent, Trademark and Copyright Attorney at Moxon & Spriegel, LLC at

Think about the value of a GREAT website, it is the “salesman/saleswomen” for your business 24/7, it represents YOU, it never has a bad day, no medical coverage necessary, it gives a consistent message, no travel expenses as it travels all over the world, it cannot get sick, it becomes more and more valuable over time, it never talks back, it keeps track of who and how often people visit your site… How much would you have to pay a sales team to provide a small portion of the services that you get from a website?  Yet so many businesses have an under achieving sales team and yet either no website or worse, a badly designed website. 

Think about the disadvantages of no website or a BAD website.  Customers question whether you are even in business without a site, they wonder about the quality of your work, it can hurt you 24/7 if it is done poorly… Mary & Ritch Lawlor at Halo Creatives ( are on a mission and their mission is to help you build your business and drive sales.  They recently created a website for Tim Taylor (an inventor) and me at The site is awesome and it has the edginess that we were looking for and they complete the site on time and a very affordable price.

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Free entrepreneurship series begins soon

Free entrepreneurship series begins soon

Small-business owners can attend 11 workshops in Hudson on range of topics

By Paula Schleis

Beacon Journal business writer

Published on Sunday, Dec 27, 2009

Small-business owners determined to make 2010 a better year than 2009 might find some helpful advice during the next Entrepreneurship and Small Business Series, hosted by the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship Research.

So far, 11 free workshops are scheduled at the Hudson Library & Historical Society, 96 Library St. in Hudson.

Registration is required by calling 330-653-6658 or e-mailing

Jan. 12, 6:30 p.m.

How to Procure Government Contracts, with Rich Delisio of the Ohio Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) at the Kent Regional Business Alliance.

Delisio will also be available for one-on-one counseling at the Hudson Library.

Feb. 3, 7 p.m.

Trends Affecting Small Businesses, with Anita Campbell of Anita Campbell Associates and founder of the Small Business Trends online publication and radio program.

Feb. 17, 7 p.m.

Rebecca O. Bagley, president of NorTech, the Northeast Ohio Technology Coalition. NorTech helps to create new technology industries and make the region’s economy more globally competitive.

Feb. 23, 7 p.m.

For National Entrepreneurship Week, The Power of Networking, an evening to share stories with other entrepreneurs.

Feb. 25, 7 p.m.

Entrepreneurship Programs College Fair. High school students interested in pursuing entrepreneurship at the college level are invited to meet current college students, recent graduates who have opened their own businesses, and representatives of area university programs.

March 2, 7 p.m.

Richard T. Herman, a business and immigration attorney, and Robert Smith, a Plain Dealer reporter covering international cultures. They are the co-authors of Immigrant Inc.: Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Driving the New Economy (and How They Will Save the American Worker).

Herman is also co-founder of the Northeast Ohio chapter of TiE, a global network of entrepreneurs.

March 16, 7 p.m.

Product Globalization: A 10-Point Checklist and One Bad Example, presented by Bob Chalfant of NEO Management.

March 31, 6:30 p.m.

Not-for-Profit Basics, a workshop with the Akron chapter of SCORE, a business counseling group.

April 7, 6:30 p.m.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Legal Issues for Small Businesses, by Stephen Cook of the University of Akron School of Law.

April 22, 7 p.m.

Communicating Your Company’s Value: A Marketing and Legal Perspective, with Jeff Bauer of Giraffe Inc., a marketing communications and design firm, and business colleague and lawyer Jeff Jones.

May 5, 7 p.m.

Entrepreneur Success Stories. A panel of successful Northeast Ohio entrepreneurs will share stories.


Paula Schleis can be reached at 330-996-3741 or Follow her on Twitter at

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