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Planning the perfect party -The “Artisan of Wine” Services may be the Answer for You

Planning the perfect party -The “Artisan of Wine” Services may be the Answer for You

A story about a start-up business based on passion

By Jim Murphy  –  The “Artisan of Wine”
April 2, 2011

My profession is Marketing and Advertising but my Passion in Wine and Wine Parties!  I love to educate people about wine and at the same time help your guests have a great time.


The following information has been complied by me after 25 years in the restaurant and wine industries and some of the observations I have made.  I have worked in every type of restaurant from fast food to fine restaurants.  I have also dined and made keen observations in thousands of restaurants across the USA.   One restaurant where I worked in particular taught me the joys of food and wine.  As I gained more knowledge about wine, my passion only grew.  This is meant to be educational as well as a way to gain more appreciation for wine.

A Short History of Wine

Wine has been an integral part of society for almost 10,000 years.  The Phoenicians around 4000 BC were dependent on wine for trade.  The Roman Empire by far has had the largest impact on the development of viticulture and enology (the science and study of all aspects of wine and wine making).  Wine was an integral part of the Roman diet.  As the Roman Empire expanded so too did the wine industry.  The Romans invented the first wine bottles and barrels and also saw the start of the current appellation system identifying certain regions as being better than others for growing grapes.

In the 18th Century, wine was universally used almost exclusively by the Catholic Church and as its missionary ventures expanded, wine went with it.  By 1823, the missions had established themselves in Sonoma, California.

During Prohibition the wine trade was subsidized by “church wine”.  As Prohibition ended, the wine industry grew and evolved into what it is today.  Major improvements occurred in the 1960’s that led to advanced methods of producing higher quality wines.

How Wine is Made

The key components of wine making are soil, climate, and propagation.  It normally takes 3-5 years to establish vines.

The harvest begins at varying times depending on climate, grape, and geography.  Once grapes are harvested they are crushed resulting in the “must”.  The must is 80% juice, 16% skins (wine pigment), 4% seeds (tannin).  All juice is white, exposure to the skins and seeds imparts color and flavor.  After the crush the juice is pressed and fermented.  After fermentation wines are aged and/or bottled.

Identifying Wine

Wine is identified in different ways depending on the origin and type of wine.  Generally, Old World wines are named by the chateau or area and negociant/grower and not by the grape. In the New World most wine is identified by the grower/winery and type of grape.  Reading the label will always provide the pertinent information regarding alcohol content, vintage, type, origin and source.

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Best Practices In Negotiation: Barter!

By Dr. Gary S. Goodman

When most of us think about negotiating, we’re presuming that money will be involved in the transaction.

For instance, if you want to buy a house, you’ll fork over some cash, and not get away with asking, “Would you accept one red paperclip for it?”

Yet, this is exactly what a fellow did, not in one step but a sequence. He bartered a single, red paperclip for a house!

Kyle MacDonald is a Canadian blogger who pulled this off, and you can read all about his exploits at Wikipedia by searching “one red paperclip” or his name.

It’s a fascinating story, but my purpose here is to use it to illustrate a much larger principle. Bartering is a Best Practice In Negotiation, one that is not used often enough.

Who barters, and why?

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Do you make these mistakes marketing your product?

Do you make these mistakes marketing your product?
by Andrew R. Spriegel
February 23, 2011

ANDHOW INNOVATIONS, LLC is finally ready to sign the non-exclusive licensing agreements and make money on our product!

The product is a dripless baster.  Here is the initial prototype:


Baster Valve

Baster Valve Inserted into the Tube

I don’t know why it took me seven years to figure out how to market my business partner’s and my invention.  My business partner is Howard Loewenthal, a principal engineer at Invacare Corporation. We developed a dripless baster that we have attempted to market and sell for years.

Here is a video of a typical baster in operation:

Here is a video of the ANDHOW INNOVATIONS, LLC dripless baster

We tried over and over to sell the baster with the check valve, we were in a position of weakness.  Last year we received a licensing offer from Merry Chance, a Chinese Company, that was below our expectations. In spite of our desire to so settle a deal, we turned down the offer and it dawned on me!!!

We don’t have to sell the baster!!….We just have to sell the valve!!!

INSTANTLY WE WENT FROM A POSITION OF WEAKNESS TO A POSITION OF STRENGTH!  Either you license out valve and have a dripless baster or pass and sell a baster that LEAKS!

Introducing the:

In comes Van Washburn from FIT-Brands to handle the marketing and a new video:

Off to the Housewares Show in Chicago next month, we will keep you posted on the outcome!

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The Suggestion Box – Still One of the Best Sources for Business Ideas!

The Suggestion Box – Still One of the Best Sources for Business Ideas!

By George Forrest

With increased competition and a demand for better customer service, managers constantly need new ideas for better ways of working. Proactively encouraging employees to generate innovations and improvements through a suggestion box, or staff suggestion scheme, can help achieve company’s goals:

  • Identify direct savings, cost reductions and efficiencies
  • Implement safety improvements
  • Improve quality and service to external and internal customer
  • Improve communication
  • Promote continuous improvement
  • Empower staff and improve morale

Encouraging participation is key

The main challenge of any suggestion scheme is to get people to contribute. Typically employees are concerned about the amount of paperwork involved, being ridiculed or believe management will just ignore suggestions.

To secure maximum participation management need a strong communication message that highlights the advantages of the scheme and makes clear all suggestions are welcome. Successful schemes only require people to make suggestions or identify problems – don’t expect people to also have the answer. It is the role of the wider ‘team’ to solve it using appropriate techniques such as 5-Whys, Kepner-Tregoe, Rapid Improvement Events, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt projects etc.

A word of warning…

Suggestion schemes can backfire spectacularly if they are not managed properly. Failure to follow up suggestions, a lack of commitment from top managers, continually rejecting ideas or leaving one person to deal with all the suggestions are frequent mistakes. Badly run schemes lead to employee apathy and resentment.

The Suggestion Box Process

1. Appoint a Suggestion Scheme Team!

Form a team with the purpose of managing the suggestion scheme and process; ideally they should be from all levels of the organisation. A team lead or coordinator should be appointed (not necessarily senior management) with good project and quality management experience.

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wincleveland Holiday Benefit Luncheon

Interested in networking with other savvy, professional women?! Then don’t miss the wincleveland Holiday Benefit Luncheon on Monday, December 6th from 11-1:30pm at the Wyndham at Playhouse Square.

Melissa Celko-Kozmon

Vice President of WIN-Cleveland

WIN-Cleveland invites you to the annual Holiday Benefit Luncheon on Monday, December 6th from 11-1:30pm downtown at the Wyndham at Playhouse Square. The luncheon benefits the Littlest Heroes and the YWCA.

Tickets include a fantastic luncheon, valet parking, great networking, an amazing goodie bag and a chance to do some holiday shopping and benefit 2 very important local charities. We are expecting over 150 smart, savvy, connected professionals don’t miss out!

Want to find out how you can get more exposure for your company at this event contact Melissa at 440-389-2767 or email

WIN-Cleveland is an organization that empowers female professionals by creating new access points for individual business development. We support one another by providing continual professional growth, sharing a wide variety of ideas and resources, and assisting select women-based charities within our community. WIN-Cleveland building business by building relationships.

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