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Innovators and Genius in Ohio – Ron Ponder

by Andrew R. Spriegel
March 23, 2011

Ron Ponder – Radio Personality

Ron hosts a talk show “POINTS TO PONDER”, News-Talk 1480 WHBC – Canton, Ohio.  WHBC is the oldest full-time AM radio station in Canton, Ohio.  The website is popular in numerous countries, particularly in the US.

“Points to Ponder” is known as “the fastest 2 hours in radio!!!” Ron covers topics from local news, politics & sports to the world and there are very few topics he is afraid to tackle (and I am sure he pisses a “few” people off).  His show airs Monday through Friday 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. with his contact information (330) 450-1480 or (

Ron Ponder was born in Lafayette, Georgia, raised both there and in Akron Ohio.  He is often called “one of the world’s last remaining renaissance men” and/or a “corny guy” owning Ponder Systems media and marketing.

Ron has interviewed and/or discussed:

1.      Greg Gray, author of “Dad from a Distance”, a wide ranging interview that addresses everything from the biggest mistake non-custodial fathers can make to what these dads can do when they are an “unwelcome” presence.

2.      Democrat John Boccieri and Republican Jim Renacci

3.      YMCA gets Homeless Grant

4.      Affordable Housing Project in Canton

5.      Barack’s Speech

6.      The Jim Brown Saga in Cleveland

7.      Canton City Schools

8.      Congressman James Clyburn to call in about Voting Rights Act

9.      and on and on…

As an independent television producer (producer of programs for PBS affiliates, network affiliates, cable systems, corporate clients…television programs, commercials, documentaries, such as the history of Stark County; producer of the weekly program, and “The ESPN2 Local Sports Break”

Ron serves as the Chairman of the Board for Coming Together Stark County (formerly the Town Hall on Race Relations) and is a Board member of the President William McKinley National Presidential Library.

Ron has acted as a speechwriter for various national personalities, served as Deputy Mayor City of Canton and is a former publisher/part owner of “The Stark County Advantage” newspaper.

Ron served as a cardiac surgical assistant at Aultman Hospital.

He is the former president of Stark County branch NAACP and a guest columnist “The Canton Repository”

His favorite movies are: High Noon, King Kong, Cabin in the Sky, The Bourne series, Malcolm X, Captain Blood; favorite music: jazz, blues, country (old), clean hip hop and rap, zydeco, Motown, oldies; favorite books: Lord of the Rings trilogy

Ron attended both The University of Akron and Kent State University.

If you get a chance, tune into 1480 WHBC, Monday thru Friday 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.  You will be glad you did or as least enlightened/entertained.

By the way don’t forget Stephon King, Ron’s assistant/manager/”boss” that makes it all seem effortless. (Normally he is smiling)


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Polar Products Manufactures Heavy-Duty Cooling Vest for Surgeons

Polar Products Manufactures Heavy-Duty Cooling Vest for Surgeons

December 17th, 2010, AKRON, Ohio – Surgeons and their staff are staying comfortable during procedures in hot operating rooms thanks to cooling vests made specifically for surgeons by Akron’s Polar Products, Inc. The Ohio company has developed a new heavy-duty vest style for their popular Cool FlowTM System, specifically designed for wear beneath lead aprons.

Polar Products, Inc., a family-owned business with manufacturing based in Akron, OH, has increased production and expanded the vest selection of their Cool FlowTM System due to high demand from hospitals across the country. The vest is just one of many specialty O.R. cooling products manufactured and distributed by Polar.  “With new regulations for higher O.R. temperatures, it’s vital to keep our hardworking men and women in the operating room cool and comfortable when they have patients’ lives at stake,” Jacob Graessle, the
surgical cooling specialist for Polar said.

“Many surgeons need to wear their cooling vests everyday,” he added. “The new heavy duty vest is a great addition to our line. It’s a durable vest that can withstand long-term, daily tough O.R. conditions.  The Cool FlowTM Vest System provides cooling comfort during long surgeries. Ice water continuously circulates from a 15 quart cooling reservoir through insulated tubing sewn within the vest.  High flow, quick-disconnect couplings allow freedom of movement as needed.  The Heavy-Duty Cool FlowTM Vest is made with extra strength tubing compared to other styles of surgical cooling vests. Its higher flow rate and tougher walled tubing allow it to endure heavier wear,
such as beneath lead aprons or under protective clothing.

“We love the heavy duty vest!” said Samantha, an O.R. staff member at Mercy Hospital in Cincinnati.  “The doctor uses his vest everyday for multiple hours,” she added. “He won’t operate without it!”  This year, Polar launched CoolOR, a complete line of cost-effective surgical products for the entire surgical team. In addition to the Cool FlowTM System, the company manufactures non-tethered vests and neck wraps, which use water-based cooling packs that require a freezer to be activated as well as phase change packs that can be recharged in a refrigerator or ice water. Polar offers a free 30-day trial program to hospitals for all cooling vest systems.
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The Cleveland Memory Project

Cleveland State University Libraries present:
The Cleveland Memory Project, engaging our students & community to improve the civic life of Northeast Ohio
This website is the practicum project of Kent State University School of Library and Information Science student, Kevin A. Caslow.

Akron: The Cleveland Perspective

Akron, Ohio, currently the 5th largest city in Ohio, is located 39 miles south of Ohio’s 2nd largest city to date, Cleveland. Its thriving rubber and tire industry has earned Akron the nickname of “The Rubber Capital of the World.” Akron is also the host for the All-American Soap Box Derby held annually every July at Derby Downs. Starting in the early 1920s, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in Akron was a major manufacturer of zeppelins and later, blimps. Today, Suffield Township near Akron, is home to one of the Goodyear blimps, the Spirit of Goodyear.

The earliest connection between the Akron and Cleveland was the Ohio and Erie Canal, which officially opened on July 4, 1827. Akron’s various industries and Cleveland’s shipping industry along Lake Erie benefited mutually from this early commercial connection.

Traffic on Main Street in downtown
Akron, Ohio in 1941. View image.

In 1895, the 39 mile distance between Cleveland and Akron was further bridged when the Akron, Bedford, and Cleveland Railroad began service between the two cities. Among the first electric commuter railroads in the nation and, at the time, the longest railroad of its kind in the world, the “AB&C” could take commuters from Akron to Cleveland’s Public Square in just 2 1/2 hours for only 50¢.

Goodyear blimp flies past a ship at the 1937 Great
Lakes Exposition in Cleveland. View image.

Today, the highway system, urban sprawl and business opportunities have brought the two cities even closer together. Now, along with other northeast Ohio cities, they are often considered collectively as “Greater Cleveland” or more recently “Cleveland Plus.” Clevelanders and Akronites regularly travel the 39 miles between them to share each other’s offerings in the arts and culture, business and manufacturing, professional and recreational sports, health care, education, technology and the outdoors.

The photos featured here illustrate the intertwining history of Akron and Cleveland from a Cleveland perspective via images gathered from the Cleveland Press and the Bruce Young Collections at Cleveland State University’s Michael Schwartz Library.

For more photos of Akron and many of the other topics mentioned here, go to Summit Memory.

Credits and Appreciation

This website is the practicum project of Kent State University School of Library and Information Science student, Kevin A. Caslow. He would like to give special thanks to Joanne O’Dell and Judy James of the Summit Memory Project.


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