By Andrew R. Spriegel

Creating a Brand, a Real World Example

A brand is the name that is associated with a product or service that can represent many intangible characteristics of the product or the service.  One can think of many high quality sports brands such as Nike, Under Armour, the New York Yankees and the Super Bowl, for example.  Branding can be defined as a promise, a promise to deliver a product at a ”known” quality.  A brand’s value can be measured as the equity built into a name over years or even decades through advertising.  There are many excellent books written on branding, for example Building Strong Brands by David A. Aaker and Designing Brand Identity:  A Complete Guide to Creating, Building and Maintaining Strong Brands, by Alina Wheeler.

Jaime Cevallos, a MLB hitting instructor and I began working together in late 2008/early 2009. Jaime had approached me about writing a patent for the MP30/28 training bats, his system and method of using the training bats to instruct baseball players at all ages to improve their hitting mechanics.

When I first met Jaime his business was known as “The Swing Mechanic”.  The name was descriptive and the logo was a bat with a wrench at the end (shown below on the bat).


MKANX Shadow


However, there were other companies/competitors that were using a similar name, for example, the company  I suggested that we come up with a name that would differentiate us from everyone else that we could build a brand around and that no one else was using.  That afternoon Jaime came up with the name “mkanx” (pronounced mechanics).  The logo is shown below: 




The “x” in mkanx as illustrated is shown with a baseball bat; however the bat can be replaced by a patent pending golf club, a hockey stick, etc.  We now have a brand name and logo that we are building a brand around and which we filed a trademark for that will allow us to prevent others from using our brand name.


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