Peas of Mind Veggie Wedgies in High Demand among Moms

Peas of Mind Veggie Wedgies in High Demand among Moms
The Perfect Food Option for Growing Kids

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – It’s been more than four years since San Francisco based company Peas of Mind hit Bay Area grocery shelves and, today, demand for their newest product line has fueled interest in the company to an all-time high. Peas of Mind recently launched Veggie Wedgies, baked crispy french fries made from real vegetables, to accompany their original product line of wholesome frozen meals called Puffets.

“Parents are increasingly vigilant about what their children eat, especially in cities where organic and natural foods are readily available. At the same time, there seems to be less time than ever to cook,” said Jill Litw, owner of Peas of Mind. “Our mission is to provide a solution for health-conscious parents who want to feed their kids delicious, nourishing and affordable foods, but who lack the time, energy or expertise to create them from scratch.”

Veggie Wedgies are baked, crispy french fries made from REAL vegetables! There are four unique flavors in the line which include Baked Broccoli, Baked Carrot, Baked Cauliflower and Baked Apple. All flavors are vegan, fat free and completely allergen free, making them a great snack or side dish for the whole family. Furthermore, Peas of Mind was named R&D Team of The Year for the innovation used to develop Veggie Wedgies!

Soundbites for Veggie Wedgies:

• Unlike regular french fries which are filled with oil and sodium, Veggie Wedgie are baked full of vitamins and nutrients!

• 1 serving of Veggie Wedgies (14 fries) contains over a serving of fruits or vegetables (per the USDA guidelines).

• 1 serving of Veggie Wedgies (14 fries) contains more than 1/2 the recommended daily intake of fruit or vegetable for growing kids (per the American Heart Association guidelines).

• SRP: $3.99, 12oz. bag, frozen.

Since Veggie Wedgies hit the shelves in September, 2009, their distribution has steadily increased nationwide into grocery stores including Whole Foods, Super Target, Sprouts Farmers Market, Earthfare, Weis, HEB, Mollie Stones, Gelson’s, and online thorough

Peas of Pie, a cheese pizza made with broccoli and carrots ground into the crust, is the newest product from Peas of Mind. Peas of Pie contains 50% less fat than the leading brands and contains 1.5 servings of vegetables per pizza!

SRP: $5.49, 9 inch pizza, frozen.


Founder Jill Litwin was first inspired to start cooking for kids when she witnessed a friend feeding her young child a meal of canned green beans. “I just couldn’t believe there wasn’t anything available for moms to buy that didn’t come from a can or contain artificial flavorings or unhealthy preservatives,” said Litwin.

Inspired, Litwin asked if she could cook for her friend’s son, Satchel, and created unique, all-in-one, healthy toddler meals, which soon caught on. The local mothers in Burlington, Vt., were asking for Litwin’s services and she knew she was onto something. Litwin began in-depth research and realized that there was a real gap in the marketplace for her niche products. She made the decision to pursue her passion full-time and moved to Northern California, where she could find the freshest, all-natural, organic ingredients and a large audience of busy, health-conscious parents.

With exposure everywhere from NBC Nightly News to the New York Times, Litwin says the response from consumers has been overwhelming.

In 2008, the Nanna’s Banana Puffet was named Product of the Year by Food Processing Magazine. In 2009, Peas of Mind was named R&D Team of the Year by Food Processing Magazine for the innovation in Veggie Wedgies. In 2010, Founder and CEO was named San Francisco Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by Women’s Initiative.

With the ever-increasing demand for the products, she plans to introduce another exciting new product in early 2011 which is sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike.

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