Innovators and Genius in Ohio

Innovators and Genius in Ohio
Tom Moran
By Andrew R. Spriegel
December 30, 2010

There are many stories about the lack of innovation and the down economy in the Ohio and Cleveland Area.  Enter Tom Moran of Midwest Plastic Fabricators (MPF) in Aurora, Ohio.  Innovator and Inventor of numerous patented manufacturing processes and products, Tom is a 45 year veteran and leader in the industry.

One of the innovative products is a line of NEMA PVC Junction Boxes.  A combination of innovative materials and patented cutting edge technology combines for easy installation and reduced life cycle cost.

PVC offers less resistance than conventional metal in cutting holes for conduit entrance.  In addition, non-conductive PVC eliminates potential shock hazard.  In addition, its non-corrosive properties offer longer life and environmental integrity.

Photo Above: Light weight PC Enclosures offer Heavy Duty Performance for food process applications

Photo Above: Innovative Non Metallic PVC Enclosures feature Three-Point Latching

Photo Above: Patented PVC Elbow Crate Saves warehouse Space and is a dispenser pack.

Consider the Fulton Road Bridge,

a Cleveland engineering landmarks is a $44 million architectural attraction that spans the Cleveland Metropark Zoo

and Big Creek Valley.

The bridge has 44 light standards on each side of the pedestrian walkway, the road and the bike way.  Enter Midwest Plastic Fabricator’s 110 junction boxes made of PVC and set within concrete that anchors the light standards.  These water tight boxes with a gasket and stainless steel fastening screws are and non-conductive lowering installed and life cycle cost.

The bridge itself is 1,583 feet long and 81 feet wide with a maximum height from the floor of the valley to the top of the bridge of 110 feet. There are four lanes for automobile traffic and two 5 foot lanes for bicycle traffic.  Each sidewalk on either side is 10 feet wide with a waist high parapet wall on the outside of the pedestrian walkway.

Tom Moran has numerous patents:

5,555,989             Plastic enclosures
5,377,396             Method of making a continuous plastic hinge structure
5,316,165             Fold-able electrical component enclosures
5,160,685             Method for bending pipe
5,066,212             Apparatus for bending pipe
5,039,466             Method and apparatus for manufacturing plastic couplings

Another Ohio innovator and genius.

For more information on Midwest Plastic Fabricators  contact Dave Bradford at


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