Is the Marketing for the Smart Car Dumb??????

Is the Marketing for the Smart Car Dumb??????
by Andrew R. Spriegel
December 21, 2010

Yes I own a Smart Car:

I am 6′ 3″ and easily fit into the Smart Car Passion(easily fits 6′ 9″ drivers).  People ask me every day if it’s safe?????   Where is the Smart Car marketing???

Here is the information from the Smart Car website: 

The smart passion meets or exceeds all federal government crash test standards, including a 5-star side crash rating, and the highest scores for front and side crash worthiness and roof strength from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. [How come nobody knows this! In addition, the vehicle’s safety management system is equipped with advanced crash avoidance (active safety) and crash protection (passive safety) systems that come standard on all models.

The highlight of the safety management system is the tridion safety cell. The safety cell is made from steel, half of which is high-strength material, especially in highly stressed areas. The cell is designed to keep occupants protected. The reinforced steel and the design of the car, including the wheel bases, allow the distribution of the crash energy.

[It’s a NASCAR crashframe on wheels!!!!!]

The smart fortwo comes standard with four airbags (two full-sized front and two side for head and thorax protection). Other safety features such as Electronic Stability Program (esp®), Brake Assist and anti-lock brakes are also standard.

Click to learn more about the design, active, and passive safety features of the smart fortwo.

<!–To see real-world safety testimonials from smart owners, visit
!–>Below are two frequently asked questions regarding smart fortwo child safety and winter driving performance.

Is the smart fortwo safe for children?

The smart fortwo features highly efficient restraint systems that meet Mercedes-Benz’s passive safety standards. Infant or children restraint systems (booster, infant or child seat) can be affixed properly to the passenger seat by means of the safety belt. A ratchet mechanism locates the tightly pulled safety belt and holds the infant/child restraint system in position. Please note that laws relating to the use and installation of infant or children restraint systems vary by jurisdiction. You will need to review the laws applicable to you prior to installing and using infant or children restraint systems in your smart fortwo.

[Why do they not ADVERTISE these FACTS????]

An electronically controlled system will detect the weight of the occupant on the passenger seat or the installation of a child restraint system. The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) determines the appropriate mode of the dual stage full size front airbag deployment. For very young passengers for whom an airbag deployment could mean a serious risk, the front and side airbags will be deactivated. A control lamp in the center of the roof panel will show this clearly. Always check the control lamp to make sure the airbags are deactivated for very young passengers.

How does the smart fortwo perform in the snow?

The smart fortwo standard active safety systems – Electronic Stability Program (esp®), traction control, cornering brake control, anti-lock brakes, electronic brake distribution and brake assist – help drivers stay in control on snowy and icy terrains.

The majority of the smart’s weight (engine and transaxle) is over the driven wheels resulting in better traction overall. Wider rear wheels and tires allow for better grip and traction in marginal weather conditions. Narrower front wheels and tires allow for less traction loss by penetrating into snow and ice deeper for improved steering control. All smart fortwo vehicles come standard with all season tires.

In addition, all vehicles have heated front and rear windows, and the passion models come standard with heated and electric exterior mirrors. All models also have heated seats available as an option.

Regarding rust, the smart fortwo’s steel body is fully zinc plated. As a further provision against corrosion, there is a coat of cataphoretic paint under the main powder-coat paint, and all body cavities are preserved by a special agent. Finally, the body panels and complete underbody are made of plastic (polypropylene), which are not prone to rust even if scratched.



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