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Interview with Amy Jaick, the communications manager for The Economist Group on their recent online fair about doing business in Brazil

1. What is an online fair?

Online Fairs is a new business within The Economist Group which is developing engaging virtual events as a new form of response advertising for marketers seeking quality lead generation. Our focus is on producing cross-category events in the education, investment and recruitment sectors, as well as client-specific events particularly in the technology industry.

All of our online fairs offer live chat and networking capabilities among both attendees and exhibitors – providing all the benefits of a physical trade show but with the added benefit of the scale and accountability of the internet.

 2. Why would I want to do business in Brazil, I have companies that manufacture products in the US.  Also, my son Matt lives in China, speaks fluent Mandarin and consults with companies?

Brazil, which is Latin America’s largest economy, is expanding at a record pace. With 9% GDP growth in the first quarter of 2010, Brazil is the emerging-market economy that has bounced back most quickly from the global economic meltdown.  This fact has not escaped the attention of American investors who are looking for growth opportunities around the world.

3. What are the main exports from Brazil?

Brazil has a hugely diverse export base, so no individual categories dominate. For instance, in 2009 metallurgical products was the biggest category at 14% of total earnings followed by transport equipment and parts at 11%, then soybeans and related products at just over 9%.

However, around 40% of export earnings come from agribusiness activities (and it is a leading global supplier of several agricultural products). Brazil exports a lot of hard and soft commodities and has a significant heavy manufacturing export industry, including vehicles and aerospace.

4. Are there tax incentives or government grants?

Yes – but these vary a lot by sector, state, city and even municipality. The Economist Intelligence Unit produces a publication called Country Commerce that gives an overview. 

5. Can you name the top ten US companies doing business in Brazil?

The link below provides information about some of the companies operating in Brazil 

6. Is there a measurable ROI from online fairs?

Online fairs are a new form of response advertising for marketers seeking quality lead generation.  They can certainly deliver exceptional ROI and provide a great way to reach customers contextually. 

7. Who are some of your customers?

Since our events are highly specialized, they will primarily attract individuals interested in those particular subject areas. As a result, our audience will differ from one event to the other.

For this particular event, the audience was composed of businesses and entrepreneurs excited by the prospect of doing business in Brazil and looking for guidance on entering the marketplace there. 

11. How do you navigate though an online fair?

Once you are logged into the fair, you can click on individual booths to find out more information about the company or institution that you’re interested in.  You can also sign up for webinars or chat with others attending the fair. 

12. Can people ask questions during the fair?

Yes, people can ask questions during webinars or individually at specific sponsor booths throughout the fair.

13. What percentage of shows are virtual versus actual trade shows?

All of the fairs by The Economist Group’s Online Fairs Business are virtual ones.

14. Can you tell me about The Economist?

The Economist is a weekly magazine written and edited for a global community of readers who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. It presents well-considered analysis of the world’s economic, political, scientific, business, technological and cultural affairs and the connections between them. 

Over the past ten years, it has doubled its circulation and currently has four million readers spread throughout almost every country in the world.

Thanks Amy!
If you have any questions for Amy please contact her at


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