Who else wants to be a blogger, a contest winner and a great Mom?

Interview with Cindy Orley (Mom Extraordinaire)
by Andrew Spriegel

December 15, 2010

Andrew: Why did you start your blog?

I started www.AkronOhioMoms.com because I kept hearing other moms asking where the best playground was or where kids eat free or if other attractions & events in NE Ohio were really family-friendly. I also heard moms talking about wanting to connect with local moms. I decided to put the research I was already doing for my family online as a resource for other moms.

Andrew: How much time each day do you spend on the blog?

About 4 hours, after the kids go to bed. Often times, I’m blogging until 1 or 2 am.

Andrew: How and why did you enter the Pillsbury contest?

I learned about the contest through another “mommy blogger”. Filled out a lengthy online application, went through several interviews until I reached the top 10. From there, I was asked to submit 2 original recipes. My kitchen was a mess for 2 days as I created an original Every day Dinner Recipe (my Perfect Potato Pockets) and a Holiday Entertaining Recipe (my Chocolate Cheesecake Bars). My family was so tired for taste-testing everything! lol

Cindy’s picture is in the December/January issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray. It is the Pillsbury’s ad for their MyCrescentWow contest, with her recipe and picture is shown on page 21.

Here is how you can vote for Cindy and possibly win $5,000 (yes that’s a 5 with three zeros.

Here is how you vote for Cindy Orley to become America’s Favorite Crescent Cook:

Goto http://www.MyCrescentWow.com

Andrew: How many contestants were in at the beginning?

They had an overwhelming response and cut it off at 3,600 entrants. People can enter to win $5,000 each time they vote for my recipes on http://www.MyCrescentWow.com (direct link to here: http://www.mycrescentwow.com/vote/?WT.mc_id=partner_akronohiomoms).  I would appreciate the votes, you can vote daily until Dec 31, 2010.

Andrew: …just let my readership know how and why they may want to do a blog?

Blogs are great ways to express yourself and get the word out on issues important to you. For me, it is a way for me to share my passion for families enjoying family-time together, so I often post about things to do with your family.

Andrew: Is this your full time job?

Nope, my full time job is taking care of my 2 kids, ages 4 & 6 and I love it!

[Editors comment: I guess we will wait for the kid’s names on another interview, however  she obviously loves them]

Andrew: When did you start blogging?

I started blogging 6 years ago as a way to track my first child’s every moments for family and friends to read about.

Andrew: Does anyone help you with the blog?

My husband is a computer and website genius, he owns his own website & graphic design company, Remarkable Team. (www.remarkableteam.com) [Editor’s comment: Impressive site] helps me a LOT with the technical side of the blog, making it the fastest, most up-to-date website.  Plus, we brainstorm together to figure out what people want to read and see on my blog. Occasionally, I have guest bloggers blog on life and products as well. I’m open to guest bloggers, just email me.

Cindy thanks for taking the time for the interview!



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