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Portion PadL and Portion PaL Rocker Knife Made in America


The Portion PadL is designed for every home where pizza is served!

The generous 14 inch surface fits nearly every size of pizza whether frozen or homemade. The unique circle and groove technology, found only on the Portion PadL, accommodates four or eight slices and makes it simple to cut every pizza slice equally.

Whether you are practicing portion and nutrition control or just trying to keep things under control by making sure everyone gets the same-sized slice, this all-in-one pizza peel, cutting board, portion control tool and serving utensil is for you!

Use the front of the Portion PadL to cut and serve your pizza. Center your pizza using the circles and cut equal slices using the grooves to guide your cutting wheel or rocking blade. The beveled edge allows you to slide your pizza to and from the oven. The back of the Portion PadL is the ideal surface for everything from kneading and resting your homemade dough to chopping your favorite toppings and cheese.

This quality pizza peel is made of a commercially NSF food safe approved composition wood and plastic composition. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The Portion PadL is 100% made and manufactured in the USA. Selected specifically for strength, durability and appearance, the composition material will last a lifetime with proper care. The composition material IS NOT a baking stone or baking device.

DO NOT place the Portion PadL in the oven for baking purposes.

Whether you’re cutting a fresh homemade or a hot frozen pizza, the Portion PadL Rocker will rock your pizzas! No more messy cutting wheel to drag the cheese and toppings off your pizza. No longer will you need to scrub and clean that crusty pizza cheese and pizza sauce off the cutting wheel. The rocker is dishwasher safe. The Rocker is a great companion for the Portion PadL. The beveled edge of The Rocker perfectly fits the cutting grooves of the Portion PadL. The lightweight, sharp and balanced rocker knife will cut your pizzas with ease.

Made in USA.


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