Canton Carnival of Wheels


Canton Carnival Of Wheels, Inc. began in 1992 as the Timken Vehicle Display And Special Interest Show.  Open for participation by Timken Company associates only, the show attracted 50 to 70 vehicles (cars, trucks, tractors …….) each year through 2002.  The organizing team disbanded because of diminishing interest.  In 2006, two members of that team decided to resurrect the show, change the venue and promote public participation.  This show featured 96 vehicles and grew to 119 vehicles in 2007.  Both shows featured a few vendor displays and one food vendor.  The 2007 show earned the support of a Timken executive in attendance and resulted in the Company’s offer of full sponsorship for the 2008 event.  This show was held on the lawn of the Timken Technology Center just south of the Akron-Canton Airport, facing Interstate 77.  The name of the show was changed to Canton Carnival Of Wheels ——— to open it up for displaying anything on wheels.  Participation expanded to 330 vehicles, 4 food vendors and 2,000 total attendance.

The 2008 economic downturn caused the elimination of a single funding source for the Canton Carnival Of Wheels.  Determined to build on the 2008 success, the organizers obtained approval from Stark State College’s president in early 2009 to have the vehicle show on its property.  Subsequently, Canton Carnival Of Wheels became incorporated as a non-profit organization. A budget was established that included goals for obtaining financial sponsorships to offset expenses and to donate all proceeds to the Stark State Foundation for the Automotive Technology Scholarship Fund. This show, held  on September 13, 2009, attracted a greater variety of more than 300 vehicles, seven food vendors and 19 sponsor displays.

Originally organized by a group of guys and gals to show off their vehicles at a restricted gathering, the Canton Carnival Of Wheels has evolved into a community event with a more comprehensive purpose.


We will organize family oriented events featuring vehicles on wheels and sponsors’ displays that promote their products and services, including latest technologies, to  advance business in the community.  All proceeds are donated to a local charity.

The next Canton Carnival Of Wheels show is scheduled for September 12, 2010 at Stark State College, 6200 Frank Road, NW, North Canton, OH; 10:00am to 6:00pm; $10 participant fee;  Spectators free.  DJ, Food Vendors, Dash Plaques for first 300 vehicles, Family Event with Kids Games and more.   A special feature for this year are scores of new 2011 vehicles presented by SCADA, Stark County Area Dealers Association.  The Canton Carnival Of Wheels has rapidly become one of the area’s largest vehicle shows.  It is anticipated that 500 vehicles will participate this year.

For additional information, please contact Dick Zakrzewski at 330-837-3094 or visit


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