You can Invent your own Business, You can Invent a Blog Like Jason Feirman!


Since 2008, IDREAMOFPIZZA ( has become one of the country’s most popular pizza blogs. Their dedicated readers range from the most passionate pizza eaters and chefs to industry experts and entrepreneurs who are changing the way people interact with the worlds most beloved and talked about food.  IDREAMOFPIZZA focuses on publishing unique and compelling content, and as a result, the website has developed a loyal following which continues to grow on a monthly basis.     

From exclusive reviews and recipes to obscure video clips and news articles, IDREAMOFPIZZA is a one stop shop for all things pizza.  The site benefits from excellent search engine optimization, which has resulted in a spike in both the volume and quality of traffic in recent months. A variety of social media is used to reach their constituents and they offer these media to those in the industry that utilize IDREAMOFPIZZA and they can offer those media to those in the industry at competitive rates so that they can best promote their business/products through a range of outlets. Contact them so that they can put together a customized package that meets all your pizza needs!   

Jason Feirman   


Phone: 202-256-2120   






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