Are you in the process of creating a Virtual Office? One of the tools you may want to implement may be Single Number Phone System!

Are you in the process of creating a Virtual Office?  One of the answers may be the Phone System you chose!
by Andrew R. Spriegel

When I started my law firm, Spriegel & Associates, LLC (Patent & Trademark Attorneys, I needed a phone system.  I had a wireless system set up for all of the computers.  I researched various phone systems and looked at phones ranging from $300 to $800 per phone along with monthly fees.   Fortunately, I was introduced to Bill Kirk, managing Partner at Single Number Communications, LLC who had a great solution for me.

Question: How have you simplified communications to a SINGLE phone number.

Answer: We provide Home Based Businesses, and “Personal Producers”, those in Sales, Real Estate, Mortgage, Insurance, Financial, and the Legal arena’s with a VIRTUAL contact number that puts them in TOTAL control of their communications.

With the virtual solution professionals can instantly and remotely control where their calls are delivered, and who they want to speak with.  It is ideal for those looking to, or needing to work from the Office/Home/Road.  The challenges of changing schedules and different work locations simply go away.

So instead of promoting NUMEROUS numbers you simply promote ONE number and you control where the call is routed and handled.

Solopreneurs, and Personal Producers WANT to be accessible to their prospects, clients, and contacts, but in promoting numerous numbers, they lose control and ask the caller to choose which number to call.  That is not as effective and efficient as having one number that supports communication, faxes and sends an email containing a digital audio file of the calls message.

Note: I chose 330.247.2211  from a large number of phone numbers that Bill offered.  I liked having 24/7 in the number.  If I move the law firm to a new location the number comes with me.

Question: How does this differ from just using your cell device?

Answer: This has been the trend for mobile professionals.  Our virtual number has many advantages.  We can show the Caller’s ID, or your One-Number, giving you the cue that it is a business call, and that you can safely answer the call, HEAR the name of the person who is calling and then decide to accept, or discreetly send the caller to voicemail. 

We provide your professional voicemail solution.  Callers are not aware that you are running your business from your cell.  Your voice messages go to your email, which has fantastic applications. 

You can now SAVE the message electronically, you can forward to others via email, and it provides great documentation on the date/time of the message.  The customized greeting also elevates our virtual number above the normal cell device.  Music or customized commercials on hold while the call is routed.  Your virtual number is ALSO your fax solution, automatically sending faxes to your email, so you no longer need a phone line/fax machine to receive faxes. 

Note: I like this feature for using the phone as a tape recorder.  I call my own number and leave a voice mail which is sent to me as an email with a digital audio file.  I can name that file and store it on my computer.

Question: Do you have to be in front of your computer to LISTEN to messages.

Answer:  No.  Messages can also be retrieved using any phone by dialing into your virtual SINGLE number, and entering your pass code.  We send a text notification to your cell device when a voice or fax message is received. 

We are all about flexibility and options in how people can manage things.  I also want to mention the PERMANANCY of the virtual number.  When you consider the target market of “Personal Producers”, they are often changing employers.  With my virtual One-Number, your contact number never changes, and you seamlessly keep your book of business.

Question: How difficult is it to implement?

Answer: I train and meet with most of my customers to get them up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.  Since I can provide numbers throughout the country, I will conduct a one on one phone training for those outside of Northeast Ohio.  It is imperative that this be simple, otherwise folks are not going to use it.  Vast majority of folks do not want to digest, implement, and train themselves.  I recommend solutions and provision your account based on our  conversation(s), entering all necessary data, and then we schedule training.  Your Personal Assistant can be active in a day!

Question:  What hardware or software required?

Answer: No software or hardware is necessary. 

Question: What are some of the cost savings?

Answer:  Elimination of fax line(s) , elimination of multiple voicemail systems, reduced cell minutes, or elimination of ALL land lines, if you want to go strictly cellular, but use our professional front end.  Not only do we save money in these ways, but more importantly we give your business the professional front previously reserved for larger companies. 

We make you more productive in taking the calls you need to take, and avoiding those you do not need to take.  We eliminate cell dependence when you cell reception is poor at home or in the office.  Improved data flow thru our voice and fax to email.  Give you the ability to work effectively from the office, home or road. 

We act as your Personal Assistant knowing where you want your calls delivered, tell you who is calling so you can better prioritize your calls, inform you when a voice or fax message has been received via email and/or text message, and provide your professional voicemail solution. 

Question:  What about when I don’t want to take calls at all.

Answer:  YOU are in total control.  We bring balance to your work and personal life.  You can be as available as you want to be, or completely shut it down, with callers being told you are “In a Meeting”, or “Unavailable.”  Your phone won’t even ring, so your meeting is not interrupted, or you are not tempted to check calls during the family dinner.  However, the text notification and/or email notifies you that a message has been received. 

Question:  What are the costs?

Answer:  $29.95 per month for an individual, $34.95 for a business, month to month obligation.  I will add that we can turn existing numbers into your One-Number thru a process called porting.  If you just want the Fax to Email solution, $12.95 per month.  Doctors appreciate my After Hour/Voicemail solution for $17.95 per month, much more consistent than a traditional Answering Service and less expensive. 

I see the PRIVACY aspect appealing to professional athletes.  Your One-Number is the only number shown on your cell phone Call History, and can be the only number that shows when making outbound calls.  We do a great job of giving small companies where everyone works from home, a “brick and mortar” appearance to callers. 

Many companies overpay for their traditional phone and fax lines.  Today, there may be less need to support (and pay) for extensive office solutions involving hardware and software purchases.  I am very good at suggesting solution(s) that meet your needs and budgets.  “Imagine the effectiveness of promoting a single number for all your Phone.Fax.Voicemail needs.”  I encourage anyone to dial my 330-237-1111 to get a feel for the service and its effectiveness.



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    by Perfil para Orkut

  2. Hands down, Apple’s app store wins by a mile. It’s a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I’m not sure I’d want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

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