Three Twenty Something’s are making their mark, Geared up for SUCCESS

Introducing the Gear Ring by Kinekt Design

Kinekt Design (pronounced “Connect”) brings forward-thinking design objects and products that fuse together a modern aesthetic with tangible interaction.

New York, New York, February 05, 2010 – Kinekt Design LLC, announced its first product launch – the Gear Ring.  The ring is crafted from the highest grade alloy of jewelry stainless steel to ensure the function and precision of all the components.  It embodies the company’s vision of playful yet refined design.

A few companies are taking notice:


The company has been working on developing the Gear Ring for over a year and this is their first rotating/spinning piece.  A product designed for men and women, the ring is elegant yet striking, with comfort styling and smooth movement at a great price of $165. The price includes FREE world wide shipping comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and can be purchased online.  A video can be seen below or on the company website ( which shows how the Gear Ring works.

Kinekt Design creator, Glen Liberman, was always fascinated and inspired by small mechanisms and their movements. With this interest, the concept was envisioned for the Gear Ring, a product “complex enough to play with, yet simple enough to wear:”

Interview with the three owners: Andy Patel, Glen Liberman and Rachel Liberman

Question: How did the three of you start working together?

Answer: Well, Glen and Rachel started working together first.  Rachel and Glen have launched projects/products together as well working independently.  When Rachel met Andy and learned he had a strong business and finance background as well as an entrepreneurial passion it made more and more sense for all three of us to start working together.  Our first business together is Kinekt Design LLC.

Question: Who does what?

Answer: We have a slight overlap in our daily operations, but Glen concentrates on the design and creative side of things. Rachel concentrates on the logistics and operations. Andy concentrates on the overall business, marketing and finance. We have weekly and monthly meetings to go over items and based on how we set it up, there is a 2/3 or 3/3 vote on all decisions.

Question: How long have you been working together? 

Answer: Glen and Rachel have been working together for approximately 5 years. Rachel has known Andy for approximately 4 years but the three of us have been working together for a little over a year.

Question: How much do you use social networking?

Answer: We have not yet tapped into the social media networks much but are well aware and familiar with them and plan to shortly dive in further to help closer tie ourselves to our market community.   Now that the product is available for sale, we will start using social media more so that others can become aware of the Gear Ring.   As a small business, it is both helpful and interesting to receive direct feedback from our customers and we plan to always allow an avenue in which to do so.

Question: If you had to live your life over what would you do? 

Answer: Although sometimes you wish you could go back in time and do things over based on tough lessons learned along the way, these are also the most valuable lessons and can only truly be had by getting out there and trying. 

Question: How easy/hard has the process been? 

Answer: The process has been greatly challenging.  You realize there are many compromises you have to make along the way in order to be able to accomplish the goal.    As difficult as the initial idea is, every step of the way in the process of getting a product to market proves to be equally challenging in its own way.  Each idea/concept also tends to always come with its own unique set of challenges.  It’s about flexibility and perseverance.

Question: How much marketing do you do?

Answer: Now that the product is already for sale, we have really started to do more marketing. When we launched, little marketing had to be done. Today we are proactively reaching out to certain blogs and editors to make them aware of our product. It’s been a slow and methodical process, but we will continue to work at it and hope we can gain even more awareness.

Question: Tell me about the Ad Lib Business? 

Answer: Ad Lib Collective is a boutique product development company that provides consulting to entrepreneurs and small to mid-size companies. Regardless of its current stage in development (idea on paper, existing patent, prototype stage, etc) we will assist clients in developing, analyzing and implementing their idea/product. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs and help them bring their products to market based on our own experiences.

Question: Where did you go to school?

Answer: Glen started at Syracuse University and graduated from Seton Hall University in NJ. Rachel went to Lafayette College in PA. Andy went to Ithaca College in NY. 

Question: How often do you work?

Answer: We work every day of the week including weekends. It’s a labor of love.  We try to seek a balance between work and play, but often times we find ourselves talking about our product.

Question: Who are your heroes? 

Answer: Our parents. They have given us the reassurance and confidence to follow our dreams.   They have always been positive in their outlooks to encourage us to get out there and live life to the fullest.

Question: If you had your business to start over, what would you do differently?

Answer: We could have structured business agreements even better; however, this would have meant learning the legal process upfront versus learning as we go on certain subjects.  I don’t think one can ever be prepared enough for the challenges and obstacles that come up during the process of starting and running one’s own company.  There is a balance that needs to be achieved when you only have a limited amount of resources and this is done on a daily basis. 

Question: Are you having fun?

Answer: Yes, we are. It can be nail biting at times, but there’s never a dull day. It’s very exciting and challenging for all of us. We have come across some really great people through this journey and are thankful to them as well.



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