Forty (40) Simple Inventions that made Inventors or Companies Residual Wealth or Millions

Forty (40) Simple Inventions that made Inventors or Companies Residual Wealth or Millions

1. J.C. Hormel of Hormel Foods in the 1930’s, rather than disposing of excess pork shoulders, he combined them with sodium nitrate and water to create a jellied loaf of canned table meat, popularly known as Spam. More than 6 billion cans of Spam have been produced.

2. The History of Jello: Frank Woodward, a school dropout and, who by the age of 20 had his own business, bought the rights to Jell-O for $450.

3. The chocolate chip Toll House cookie was a MISTAKE!

4. Kitty Litter is a huge hit:

5. Q-Tip:

6. Scotch Tape:

7. LaserMonks: is a for-profit subsidiary of the Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of Spring Bank, an eight-monk monastery in the hills of Monroe County, 90 miles northwest of Madison. Yeah, real monks refilling your cartridges. Hallelujah! Their 2005 sales were $2.5 million!

8. FitDeck: Create a deck of cards featuring exercise routines, and sell it online for $18.95. Sounds like a disastrous idea to me. But former Navy SEAL and fitness instructor Phil Black reported 2005 sales of $4.7 million. Surely beats what the military pays.

9. Twist ties:

10. Cotton Candy:

11. Butterflies make millions:

12. FitDeck – Playing cards with an exercise theme (4.7 million)

13. Minute Rice:

14. Birdseye frozen food ($22,000,000):

15. Billy-Bob Teeth:

16. Airborne health formula:

17. Big Mouth Billy Bass:

18. HeadOn:

19. OxiClean:

20. ShamWow!:

21. Snuggie:

22. Baby Einstein™:

23. One Minute Manicure:

24. Umbrellas Plus:

25. Lava Lamp:

26. Windshield Wiper:

27. Ballpoint Pen:

28. Band-Aid:

29. Chicken Soup For The Soul:

30. Bubble Gum:

31. Mr. Potato Head:

32. Can Opener:

33. Crayons:

34. Jigsaw Puzzle:

35. Popsicle:

36. Toilet Paper:

37. Hot Dogs:

38. Kevlar:

39. Kite:

40. Kool-Aid:


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