Brian Kanke is not only a Professional Angler, he is also a Prolific Inventor

Ultimate Bucketmouth Baits Debuts with PAA as Presenting Affinity Partner


Ultimate Bucketmouth Baits is the newest Presenting Partner to join the PAA Affinity Program.  Not only can PAA members get special PAA Only Pricing, they can take advantage of what is essentially the initial offering of several new baits, sure to be hot in 2010.  Anglers may recognize the name and even seen a few of the products since launched at ICAST in 2009.  Ultimate Bucketmouth Baits is the creation of Brian Kanke, a PAA member and competitive fisherman out of Spring, Texas.  Brian’s time on the water, and frustration with several other baits on the market, spurred his thoughts of striking out in his own direction.  His background in design and engineering made the transition to a bait designer easy, and with a year of development under their belt, he and his associates are geared up for 2010.

The Lunker Ugly Frog, the bait that started it all, made a splash when it hopped into the game in Orlando.  Everyone that saw it loved it, and

City Insert Weights for the perfect balance.Lunkerfrog, is a recipe for success.  In addition, to the frog, PAA members can pick up everything they need to trick it out.  Ultimate Bucketmouth Baits offers the perfect oversized Owner hooks to match it, along with  Lunkerpads, and a  lillyUgly Frog actually floats in the water with the legs down and head out, just like the real thing.  A slow subtle retrieve along weed lines and  Lunkerworked like an actual frog, rather than the more traditional buzzing retrieve of other soft plastic frogs or toads.  The  to be is designed.  What’s unique about the frog is its true lifelike appearance and action, due to longer front and rear legs.  The bait ICASTnamed it as one of the editor’s top picks from     

Although the frog is sure to be deadly, Brian and his staff are also producing some great pitching/flipping baits under the “Ugly” line, as well as a new Tournament Worm and some accessories.  As far as what does the future hold for Ultimate Bucketmouth Baits?  Brian said plans include continued expansion of the soft plastic line, including two February introductions to coincide with the Classic.  Brian will continue to promote the company through his own fishing efforts, with a very busy schedule including the PAA Bass Pro Shops Tournament Series.  His primary focus will be on all the BASS Opens, with the goal of making the Elite Series for 2011. 

For PAA members to take advantage of this special offer, login into the PAA Affinity Program, where you’ll find everything you need to know about getting hooked up with Ultimate Bucketmouth Baits.  For complete details of the products that are currently available, you can also visit  



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