Successful Businesswoman/Realtor and Civic Leader Encourages Kids to Make a Difference!

Are you making a difference in the lives of Children? 

by Andrew Spriegel

Gail Royster is a “Woman Making a Difference” in Hudson, Ohio since she launched “Kids Making a Difference program”.  Not only is Gail an outstanding Realtor she is an outstanding Civic Leader. Rotary Club of Hudson (Brd. member/Program chair), International Referral Network (Brd. member/Program chair, former Pres.), Hudson Heritage Assn., Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce (former Pres.), Laurel Lake Retirement Community (former Vice Chair/Brd. member), Actors Summit Theater (former Pres.), Case-Barlow Farm Foundation (co-founder/former Brd. member).

Established in 2001 by Gail Royster, Broker/Owner of Royster Realty, “Hudson’s Hometown Broker”,  the Kids Making a Difference program has been a staple in the Hudson Local Schools and the Hudson Hub-Times, both of which entities help make this program a success.

The concept is simple:  put the spotlight on kids who are making a difference in their classroom by giving back in a consistent, noteworthy manner.  These kids are not necessarily the star academic pupils, musicians or athletes, but rather kids who are being helpful in a meaningful way to their classmates and teachers, and who may otherwise go unnoticed.

 The school year begins with recognizing selected students from the eighth grade, followed by each successive month students from the next grade below, until finally in June, the Kindergarten students are featured.  What a great concept!

In conjunction with each Kids Making a Difference article that appears monthly in the Hudson Hub during the school year, Royster Realty contributes $100.00 to the Hudson PTO.

So hats off to Gail!!

Gail F. Royster, Broker/Owner
“Hudson’s Hometown Broker”
126 W. Streetsboro Street
Hudson, OH 44236


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