Couple Ventured Out On Their Own to Help People Like You and Your Business Succeed and Create Wealth is a “go to” Website Development Team for You and Your Business.

by Andrew R. Spriegel, Patent, Trademark and Copyright Attorney at Moxon & Spriegel, LLC at

Think about the value of a GREAT website, it is the “salesman/saleswomen” for your business 24/7, it represents YOU, it never has a bad day, no medical coverage necessary, it gives a consistent message, no travel expenses as it travels all over the world, it cannot get sick, it becomes more and more valuable over time, it never talks back, it keeps track of who and how often people visit your site… How much would you have to pay a sales team to provide a small portion of the services that you get from a website?  Yet so many businesses have an under achieving sales team and yet either no website or worse, a badly designed website. 

Think about the disadvantages of no website or a BAD website.  Customers question whether you are even in business without a site, they wonder about the quality of your work, it can hurt you 24/7 if it is done poorly… Mary & Ritch Lawlor at Halo Creatives ( are on a mission and their mission is to help you build your business and drive sales.  They recently created a website for Tim Taylor (an inventor) and me at The site is awesome and it has the edginess that we were looking for and they complete the site on time and a very affordable price.

Mary Lawlor is a talented photographer, a successful sales professional and writer for more than 20 years. 

Ritch Lawlor is the Creative Director/Designer extraordinaire at Halo Creatives.  Ritch has worked in the Graphic Design industry for over 26 years.  He received Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Radio/TV Writing & Production/Journalism from Bowling Green State University and an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Communications & Applied Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Ritch worked for a Fortune 500 company with sales over $4 billion annually.  When he worked there, he wrote, produced and created all broadcast media and assisted in marketing solutions for new markets. His department has a $12 million annual budget.

Halo Creatives was founded on the premise of designing out-of-the-box, eye catching, and creative solutions for their clients. They love the challenge of taking an idea through the creative process and giving it life.

Halo Creatives has been creating beautiful print advertising for over 25 years and is now making a real presence on the Worldwide Web. Partnered with Kauai Digital in Hawaii and, they can bring your ideas and vision to the Web.  Web Design and Virtual tours are just the tip of the creative iceberg at Halo Creatives. They also offer eye catching Graphic Design, Print Advertising Layouts and Consultation.

The 360 degree, panoramic virtual tours complement real estate, businesses and historical sites among others. These days, many people surf the web looking for places to visit before actually getting in their cars and traveling. A stunning virtual tour can put them “in” your business” and “sell them” on the desire to be there.  Call Halo Creatives today to begin your Web journey.

In addition, did you know?…When you spend $10 at a local, hometown store, $8-$9 returns to the community.   When you spend $10 at a “Big Box” store only $3-$4 returns to the community!  We all benefit by shopping locally, and Shop-In-Hudson is here to help you save locally!  Ritch and Mary knew that and so they created to help the Hudson community with coupons.  Take a look at that site and if you live in or around Hudson you may want to get a coupon posted on this site, call 330.256.1667 or email them at


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