A Daughter’s Lunch ~ Helps Bag a Family Business©

 A Daughter’s Lunch ~ Helps Bag a Family Business©

Each morning, Kristi Thomas spent a few moments adding a special touch to her daughter’s lunch bags to ease her separation anxiety and homesickness. Some days, it was a love note or word of encouragement, other days it was a brainteaser, joke or fun fact. Whatever the theme, Kristi always took the time to handprint it, along with some cool artwork, on an otherwise ordinary brown lunch bag. Not only did the lunch bags give her daughter Madison a, “Dose of Home” in the middle of the school day when she needed it most, but the decorative bags quickly became a hit with her daughter’s classmates. “Kids are always asking for my lunch bags when I’m done with them Mom or they take them right out of the trash can!” exclaimed the young Thomas. As children, teachers and parents began requesting their own sets; Kristi experienced a “Light Bulb Moment.” In 2004, she filed her 1st patent, outlined a business plan, dove into the family nest egg,…and, with the support of her family, launched LuNcHoLOgy®: Lunch Bags that Educate, Entertain and Inspire. (www.lunchology.com).

Today, LuNcHoLOgy offers a variety of themed sets of lunch bags and lunch packing accoutrement to choose from, sure to grab the attention of brown-baggers of all ages. Each themed set of lunch bags includes 20 one-of-a kind designs where no 2 bags are alike. Themes span the gamut, from grosser-out trivia to inspirational phrases to sports trivia. The facts and artwork are so engaging that kids are learning from LuNcHoLOgy Lunch Products when they don’t even realize it.

In 2008, with a thumb on the pulse of the planet, and feeling the pinch of the economic recession, LuNcHoLOgy began a massive Re-Branding Campaign initiated to breathe new life into existing accounts, to help land new ones and to remind their customers that, “Since their initial Lunch Bag Launch, LuNcHoLOgy has been Green from the Get-Go!” LuNcHoLOgy products are made from recycled paper and post consumer waste and are printed with soy ink. LuNcHoLOgy responsibly sources their raw materials from suppliers and printers that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Certified, information that is now clearly printed on every product, helping our customers make an environmentally conscious purchase when packing a lunch.

In early 2009, LuNcHoLOgy launched an additional Eco-Friendly Product Line into the market. Their Eco-Friendly Customized Concessions Bags hit the concession counters of arenas, aquariums, museums, national parks, stadiums to zoos across the country. With Licensing Agreements in place with Major League Baseball teams, the Eco-Friendly Customized Concessions Bags are printed to be venue specific with images and copy to reflect exhibits, logos, mascots, team and player statistics and photos. As an official supplier to Aramark Corporation and Delaware North Companies, Inc., LuNcHoLOgy has been able to assist both companies in their “Green Thread Initiatives.”

In the same year, LuNcHoLOgy secured a 2nd License with Kenny Kiernan, New York graphic illustrator, (www.kennyk.com) whose clients include Hasbro®, Mattel® and Yoplait®, to name a few. Not only did Kiernan kick up LuNcHoLOgy’s original packaging, but his edgy art is printed on the front of every Lunch Bag, while space is allocated for a brown bagger’s name, room number and teacher’s name on the back. Together with LuNcHoLOgy’s Fun Facts, Kenny K’s Illustrations are front and center across all of LuNcHoLOgy’s new product lines, all in keeping with LuNcHoLOgy’s mantra to, “Educate, Entertain and Inspire!”


In 2010, LuNcHoLOgy combined forces with Capital Graphic Services and Davis GCS (Graphic Communication Solutions) to further expand their product offerings. With a combined print history spanning nearly 150 years, Capital and Davis lend their expertise to the creative, development and production of 3 New Product LuNcHoLOgy Lines: Eco-Funky™ Back-To-School Products, Eco-Friendly Customized Concessions™ and The Wedding PrintHer™. The Eco-Funky™ Back-To-School Line includes 6 Inch Lunch Bags, 2 Pocket Folders, Lunch Box Notes, Magnets, Napkins, Note Cards, Place-Mats, Locker Decals, Spiral Notebooks and Stickers. The Eco-Friendly Customized Concessions Line includes Drink Carriers, Grab-N-Go Bags, Java Jackets, Popcorn Bags, Tray Liners and Wet Wipes. The Wedding PrintHer, Personalizes a Bride and Groom’s 1st Impression.

Look for LuNcHoLOgy Product Lines Online, in Concessions Venues, in Grocery Markets and Big Box retailers during the Back-To-School Season. Visit us on-line at http://www.lunchology.com to read more about LuNcHoLOgy as featured in newspapers, magazines and on TV including: Akron Life and Leisure, Crain’s Business, Entrepreneur, Kid Around Town, Family Circle’s 75th Anniversary Edition and the 2008 Mother’s Day Edition of Woman’s World Magazine. TV features include NBC’s Emmy Nominated, “Mommy, Inc.,” CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°, “On The Rise” and Business Week TV’s, “Baby Business.”

For the Thomas’, by combining one crazy idea with a lot of love and plenty of hard work ~ LuNcHoLOgy® was born.



101 East Robinson Avenue

 Barberton, OH 44203

 1 (888) i – 8 – Lunch


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