Successful Inventor Rich Spencer Rocks the Marketing and the Golf World!

Successful Inventor Rich Spencer Rocks the Marketing and the Golf World!

By Andrew R. Spriegel

December 13, 2009

Here is a brand new golf tee that adds additional distance to you drive!  Why, it has less mass and therefore there is less resistance than a golf tee when driving a golf ball.  As you can see the tees are die stamped into a Teslan Business Card!  That’s right a business card, talk about building you brand.    Note: The Stealth Tee Conforms with the USGA Rules of Golf.

Car dealers that have reported that when the person given the card runs out of tees (5 tees last about two full rounds of golf) they come back to the dealer for more cards!  What a great way to sell a car.

So you thought you knew everything about a golf tee and then along came Rich Spencer! 

Rich Spencer

Rich is a driven individual that wanted to provide a residual income for his wife Bonnie and their children.  Rich is a US Army veteran who served for the United States both during and after the Gulf War.  An avid golfer, Rich recognized the need for new innovative golf products. 

Rich has a background in marketing and sales and decided to fuse the worlds of golf and marketing together with the revolutionary new and ORIGINAL:  “Stealth Tee Card”.   

MyTee (pronounced “mighty’) Golf Products, LLC is dedicated to creating 100% American made products, jobs and services.

Teslin Cards:Teslin plastic cards are a non-petroleum based synthetic paper product. No harmful toxins are produced during the production of the Teslin cards, unlike their petroleum based counterparts. Teslin cards are printed with superior color consistency and are less susceptible to breakage and snapping due to their ductile/elastic properties. Some additional environmental features include: Non-toxicity, no ozone depleting constituents, no cellulose-based material (no forest harvesting), incinerates in an atmosphere of excess oxygen to yield water, carbon dioxide, energy and clean ash (from silica filler).



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