Top 10 ways a down economy can be your best friend!

Top 10 ways a down economy can be your best friend.

By Richard Spencer, CEO of MyTee Golf Products, LLC

1) Necessity is the mother of invention. Opportunity and innovation often thrive in this environment.

2) Lack of activity gives you time to adjust your marketing plans and define your goals.

3) It establishes a common thread between you and most of your customers. ie., We’re all in this together!

4) It enhances the reception of value added services.

5) You can often negotiate products and services and pay LESS than the going rates.

6) A down economy enhances demand for some products and services naturally. This can make your advertising efforts more effective.

7) Companies may be more willing to give audience to vendors of inexpensive advertising or promotional items.

8) It presents the opportunity for well-funded marketing and advertising companies to acquire talent and/or physical resources.

9) It has spurred the government to initiate helpful programs for individuals and companies willing to seek and leverage their benefits.

10) If you can make it through this you can make it through anything!


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