You could rock with ten great inventions!

Could you have thought of and designed these products?  The answer is likely yes because they were though of, for the most part by ordinary people trying to fix a problem.

Simple Invention #75: Keep your pint cold creates wealth:

Simple Invention #74: Creating wealth organizing wires:

Simple Invention #73: Wealth created by monitoring temperature with clothing:

Simple Invention #72: Befuddled by the Wealth she created:

Simple Invention #71: The fortune she made pumped her up:

Simple Invention #70: making lots of money based perfume used in a different way:

Simple Hair Styling Invention #69: makes $100 million (that’s not a typo):

Simple Invention #68 that helps the inventor carry the cash to the bank:

Simple Invention #67 that pockets cash:  Why didn’t I think of that?

Simple Invention #66 that pockets cash: Why didn’t I think of that?


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