MKANX (Pronounced Mechanics) Launches Web-Based Informercial by Livemercial

It all started on LinkedIn when Andrew Spriegel (President and General Counsel fo MKANX, LLC) posted a question on how to drive bat sales up in a cost effective manner.  One of the replies was from Cresta Pillsbury who responded “I currently consult for Livemercial and this is the perfect product for them. They would be happy to advise you as well as get you in front of the right people.  Please let me know if you would like more information.”  Best, Cresta Pillsbury

Mr. Spriegel and Ms. Pillsbury negotiated the final contract and in the end MKANX, LLC felt it was a fair agreement and moved forward.  The site is now live and generating a lot of traffic, with affilate sites popping up on the Web.  Stay tuned for more exciting news regarding MKANX, LLC.




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