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Wednesday Roto Round Up

by faketeams on Jun 11, 2009 10:22 AM PDT in Baseball   1 comment

SP Carl Pavano, Cleveland Indians:  4.2 innings with nine earned runs and 12 runners makes me glad I never bought Pavano.  It is one of those irrational justifications used by fantasy players who failed to take advantage of the previous eight starts where Pavano won six games with a 3.00 ERA.

C Matt Wieters, Baltimore Orioles:  A 2-4 night took Wieters breif major league career average up to .229.  Over those 35 ABs, he has managed just one walk against eight Ks.  Keep this in mind when considering the hype that awaits Stephen Strasburg.

RP Mike MacDougal, Washington Nationals:  Two shutout innings with three Ks and zero walks maybe be the best consecutive innings MacDougal has all season.  Too bad, he couldn’t have split them over two consecutive Saves though.  Sorry.  Piling on.

2B Ben Zobrist, Tampa Bay Rays:  2-3 with a walk and his 7th SB has Zobrist playing as if he is the top 2B in the game.  For June, the formerly punchless utility infielder is hitting 346/485/885 with four HRs and two SBs.  So I ask, and I do this with trepidation following the blasting Raul Ibanez gave Midwest Sports Fan, if changing your swing is so easy why didn’t anyone else ever figure it out before Mkanx came along? (emphasis added)


For those interested in an excellent retort along with links back to the original article, read Black Sports Online’s Bona fide sports expert Ron Littal’s take here.

2B Chase Utley, Philadelphia Phillies:  2 HRs gives the hip surgery recoverer 15 bombs on the season.  He’s not Ben Zobrist, but he gives his best regardless.  (emphasis added)

3B David Wright, New York Mets:  A 3-5 night with 2 SBs give Wright a .354 AVg and 16 swipes.  His HRs are waaaay down – on pace for 12 after hitting 33 in 2008 – but his SLG is surprising high at .520 – just a little less than last season’s .534.  He looks more like Ichiro right now than Wright.  Something is going to give.

OF Colby Rasmus, St. Louis Cardinals:  The rookie hit his 7th HR and now has 23 RBIs.  With close to no productive rookies in the NL, Rasmus looks like a shoo-in right now.

C Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins:  A 2-5 night typically draws nothing but positive attention.  in Mauer’s case, that isn’t so true.  After a scorching May that saw 19 of his 41 hits go for extra bases, Mauer’s last six have all been singles, and he hasn’t homered since June 2nd. 😉

8th Inning Holds: John Grabow PIT (10), Sean White SEA (6), Hideki Okajima BOS (10), Matt Daley COL (4), Sergio Romo (3) and Jeremy Affeldt SF (14),  Edward Mujica SD (7)

Saves: Matt Capps PIT (14), David Aardsma SEA (10), Ryan Madson PHI (3), Jonathan Papelbon BOS (15), Huston Street COL (11), Joe Nathan MIN (13), Brian Wilson SF (16), Heath Bell SD (18)

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Ben Zobrist

Question: “If changing your swing is so easy why didn’t anyone else ever figure it out before Mkanx came along?”

Response: I got involved with Jaime Cevallos when he asked me to write the patent on his system and method for improving a player’s swing.

Jaime did an extensive analysis of the proper swing. One of the key’s to the system is the Patent Pending MKANX (pronounced mechanics) Training Bats (MP28 and MP30). Jaime designed the bat (through extensive video analysis and experimentation) so that it “FORCES” the hitter into the positions that Jaime identified as “critical” to hitting with power and consistency. In other words, the training bat helps the player FEEL the proper swing so that when they go back to their normal bat their muscle memory allows them to swing correctly.

To watch a video of how the player’s swing is changed refer to “Video Instruction for the Mkanx Bat” athttp://roadtripmkanx.wordpress.com/video/. See also www.mkanx.com.,http://roadtripmkanx.wordpress.com/endorsements/ and http://roadtripmkanx.wordpress.com/jaime-cevallos.

Andrew R. Spriegel
President, MKANX


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