Thirty Three (33) Simple Inventions that made Inventors or Companies Residual Wealth

Here are examples of relatively simple inventions that made and continue to make millions of dollars in sales.  As you review these ideas ask yourself various questions:

  • What need did the invention meet or problem did it solve?
  • How difficult would the product be to prototype?
  • How was the product marketed?
  • What type of job did the inventor have before they came up with their invention?
  • Do you like the product website?
  • Would you or have you purchased the product?
  • Does the products price seem reasonable?
  • Would you pay that amount of money for the product?
  • You can almost always research the invention described and find out how the inventor conceived the idea, developed the prototype and marketed the product. 
  • The one recurring theme that I find is there is no get rich quick or get rich easy invention and the real work is often in marketing the product.

Simple Invention #55 that made loads:

Simple Invention #54: “Pump it” up pumps out $70 million:

Simple Invention #53: Creates a ton of dough (millions):

Shameless self promotion: InventionRocks Linkedin Profile:

Simple Invention #52: makes buku bucks: Excused Absence Network…purchase of fake doctors notes:  (I do not promote this invention…your reputation is everything in the business world!)

 Simple Invention #51: The dog tug shock absorber: Protects you from Jerks!

Simple Invention #50: Meatball Magic –

Simple Invention #49: Cleavage Coolers, (Very COOL!)

Random Insert: Fourteen Essential Questions to Ask People About your New Invention Idea: (Don’t kid yourself everyone likes their own ideas)

Simple Invention #48: Goggles for your dog:  : millionaires with shops all over the world! If I had a dog…yes!

Random Thought: Hundreds of thousands of inventors have the talent and ability for creating products. However, only a small percentage are able to profit from its success!

Simple Inventions #27-47: 20 KID INVENTORS AND THEIR INVENTIONS: 5 years and above:

Simple Invention #26: Decorate your Crocs with jibbitz:

It can be done: An innovation revival at Xerox has lifted profits to $1.2 billion:

Simple Invention #25 “Make a Fortune!” – Purcell Sisters, great idea you can do:

Simple Invention/Business #24 Selling USED wedding dresses:

Simple Invention/Business #23 Selling used wedding rings at where jilted lovers could sell their engagement rings.



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2 responses to “Thirty Three (33) Simple Inventions that made Inventors or Companies Residual Wealth

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