MKANX, LLC will launch the Mkanx Patent Pending Training MP30 and MP28 Bats on a Web Based Infomercial after Memorial Day

May 24, 2009

A commonly heard statistic regarding new products is that 90% of a product or invention’s success is marketing, marketing, marketing; that is getting the product out into the marketplace successfully. I have a new found respect for the marketers that I have worked with at numerous companies. I always knew that they worked hard and knew their products; I only wish I had spent more time studying their techniques.

As an entrepreneur and business owner I was looking at various ways to market the Mkanx bats. My business partner Jaime Cevallos, an independent MLB hitting instructor and I have found with the MP30 and MP28 bats that even though they are statistically proven to work, we have numerous outstanding endorsements and a fantastic product; with the bats it is difficult and time consuming to market them. It is also difficult to differentiate our product from bat products that fall into the so called “gimmick” category. Our product requires consumer education, people often state that “it looks like a regular bat, what makes it work?”

Starting in early 2009, MKANX, LLC began selling the Mkanx bats through independent contractors and our website The independent contractors are great and are given a commission for each bat they sell and bonuses when they reach a specified sales level. The independent contractors educate the consumers on the bats and have bat samples so that they can demonstrate the product to customers.

Although the bat sales have steadily increased, we spoke with Cresta Pillsbury about doing a web based infomercial. Cresta, from Livemercial had responded to a marketing question I had posted on LinkedIn about speeding up sales. Although we had no experience with web based infomercials it seems like a good opportunity after detailed discussions with Cresta and looking at their past performance. The process involves Livemercial developing a website and driving sales through that site using web based sales techniques and affiliates.


Listed below is section taken from the website (

What is Livemercial?

Founded in 2003, Livemercial has delivered more than $1 billion in online sales, and created “Brain to the Bank” success stories for more than 3,000 distinct brands for our clients. In doing so, Livemercial has forever changed how single product, direct-to-consumer goods are sold online. Livemercial blends the best emerging technology with the most qualified online direct response experts to deliver results and exceed expectations.

Our team of experts include web developers, creatives, search engine marketers, programmers, social media agents and media planners, sales representatives, business developers as well as one of the largest affiliate networks in the industry. The brightest people, the most groundbreaking solutions and most advanced technological systems make Livemercial a standard in the industry for online business solutions.

Headquartered in Valparaiso, Indiana, Livemercial has approximately 100 employees. To accommodate projected growth, the company will soon move their headquarters to a 60,000 square-foot monolithic dome in Valparaiso.


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One response to “MKANX, LLC will launch the Mkanx Patent Pending Training MP30 and MP28 Bats on a Web Based Infomercial after Memorial Day

  1. Thanks for the invitation to your group. I am an idea person, and now that I am working in the senior living design field, I have found an industry that has been starved for new ideas. It seems the same deary design and furniture has been regurgitated over and over again within facilities that somehow a industry brainwashing started and providers felt that was the only way to go. Coming at this area from a residential standpoint I understand the difference between what exists in senior living “homes” and real homes. Yet this is where people live and it does no need to be home like, it needs to be all the way to home. Yet function is a huge issue, but form and function can coexist in this enviroment and I have notebooks full of ideas to make these enviroments the kind of places I would want to live. In addition I have concepts on how they should be built to function from the ground breaking to the final accent. This is going to be the biggest industry in our country yet no one seems to realize the changes that need to be put into play before the boomers arrive and cause a 2 decade silver tsunami. I am ahead of my time and am not running into many open minded individuals in this business, yet I feel the time is now to shore up my ideas and get them into play ready to produce in the near future. Yet funding for me is nill do to the recession. I am nervous as I go to try to find companies interested in producing my products that my ideas will be stolen and that has happened before. So any ideas? My website is and if you click under health care you can see my vision on the video. Thanks for iniviting me to join the group I look forward to the interaction. Kathy

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