“Free” Marketing Approach for Promoting Your Product

A great way to get “free” publicity for your product is through radio, TV, Blog and newspaper interviews that discuss the product that is being marketed and sold.  The difficulty is often getting reporters/hosts/TV and Radio personalities to agree to an interview.  This can be overcome with consistent and methodical correspondence and calls to various interviewers.  Keep track of the correspondence you send and provide the interviewer with a write up about your product and the individual who will be interviewed.  Make sure that you write up the correspondence so that the interviewer sees the advantage to their publication/show by working with you.

Jaime Cevallos, an independent MLB hitting instructor, and myself own MKANX, LLC, a company committed to helping athletes achieve peak performance through proper body mechanics and through patent and/or intellectual property protected training tools.

One approach that I took for marketing the mkanx patent pending training bats (MP28 and MP30) was to contact sports radio personality Mike Silva (NY Baseball Guide) and ask him to interview my business partner Jaime Cevallos.  Mike was gracious enough to interview Jaime on his Radio Show.

The interview was a win-win situation for both MKANX, LLC and Mike Silva.  Jaime was given an opportunity to discuss the MP28 and MP30 patent pending training bats and the remarkable success he has achieved with instructing MLB baseball players utilizing the training bats.  Mike was able to interview Jaime following his interview with Jeff Pearlman.  Jeff of ESPN.com was on Mike’s radio show to talk about his new book about Roger Clemens “The Rocket That Fell to the Earth“, which looks at Roger’s life and steroid use.  Jaime was on the show to counter the use of steroids by introducing the proper use of mechanics by players and the MP series training bats. 

Thanks again Mike for having us on the show!

Information regarding Mike’ radio show can be found at http://nybaseballdigest.com and details about our bats are located at http://roadtripmkanx.wordpress.com/ and www.mkanx.com.

In addition, MKANX, LLC is utilizing Independent Contractors to market out patent pending training bats at 100% commission.  If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Independent Contractor selling our training bats please contact Andrew R. Spriegel, President, Patent Attorney and General Counsel for MKANX, LLC at aspriegel@sbcglobal.net.  We offer commissions, bonuses and residual income for selling the bats.



What is Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest?  Are you a New York baseball fan?  Do you feel traditional radio is just not enough to complete your baseball fix?  If so then the show is for you.  NY Baseball Digest covers all angles of New York baseball.  It’s a program for the serious fan that “lives and dies” with the local teams.  Topics range from current issues, historical perspectives, and thought provoking independent analysis.  Breaking stories will often be discussed and each week the host, Mike Silva, is joined by a wide range of special guests and contributors.  Each show will delve deeper than the box score as the fans get to know the real reason why the local teams are having success or failure.  You can hear the show live or on replay at nybaseballdigest.com.  There are even specific times where you can get involved by calling in at 646-716-8187.  New York fans, regardless of their favorite team, agree that it’s about time someone created a show that focuses on them!  Listen live or to the replay at www.nybaseballdigest.com

Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest

Talking Past, Present, and Future of Baseball in New York

URL: http://nybaseballdigest.com

RSS Feeds: http://nybaseballdigest.com/?feed=rss2


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