You will be a success chasing the American Dream with “Made in the USA” and create US jobs!

In a time when we have seen so many products go overseas and the economic downturn, it is time to focus on our economy here in the US and what can be done to create jobs.  Don’t get me wrong, I purchase products that are made in other countries, I recently purchased a Smart Car that is made by both Mercedes Benz and the Swatch Company.  However, I now purchase most if not all products that are made here in the US.  At MKANX, LLC, a company that I co-own with Jaime Cevallos,  an independent MLB hitting instructor, we are committed to US workers, US jobs and US business enterprise. 

This post is about chasing the dream, the American Dream.  Jaime invented and developed the MP30 and MP28 Patent Pending Training Bats, used at all levels of baseball, from Little League to Major League Baseball Players.  Unlike many other “training” bats, MLB players have attained significant statistical improvements after using the MP30 bat.  Jaime Cevallos has gained respect and notoriety as a Major League Hitting Instructor and will be publishing his first book on hitting in 2009. 

All of the Patent Pending Training Bats are made in the United States by U.S. companies, creating and/or maintaining jobs.  In addition, MKANX, LLC has teamed up with U.S. Independent Contractors and U.S. Sports Facilities that are marketing and selling the MP30 and MP28 in established US companies or a newly formed US enterprises.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Independent Contractor or selling our training bats at your sports facility, please contact Andrew Spriegel at  Our website is

To order our Patent Pending Training Bat go to



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